As Blizzard once again decided to have almost zero card reveals during the weekend, it's the perfect time to look at some Wild decks. Even though the expansion draws closer, our community members have been hard at work creating more Wild decks for us to enjoy.

Egg Paladin

Let's start the post with a healthy breakfast à la SaltyMcNulty. If your opponent pops the eggs, you get minions; if they don't, you get even more eggs via Emperor Wraps.

Thief Priest

ChocolateChipCooke's deck sure lives up to its name as the deck will play your opponent's cards about half of the time. In order to not just take but also give something in return, Griftah has been included in the list.

Evolve Shaman

Do you like winning? So does tumkin, who has been cruising on a winstreak with this Evolve Shaman inspired by Wild streamer Roffle.

Highlander Hunter

ArcticFox has been tinkering with spell-heavy Highlander Hunters and come up with this variant. He's also inviting all friends of Rexxar to help refine the list in the deck comments.

Malygos Druid

Juicy Psychmelon is still going strong in this Maly Druid list from ARES. Guaranteed draws of Dreampetal Florist and Jepetto Joybuzz will surely help you make some truly evil combos.

Looking for some more Wild wackiness? Take a look at these Wild decks.

Came up with something Wild yourself? Create a Wild deck and share it in comments below. Don't forget to write a guide!