We're almost there! The final card reveal will take place soon, but in the mean time, have some incredibly accurate reviews of the remaining cards from the reveal season.

Wyrmrest Purifier Card Image

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Renounce Classless.

Quote From ShadowsOfSense

Ah, another meme card. Good.

This is, at first glance, a nice joke card and nothing more. If you get some of these, you can DIY your own random decks every game - just pick a class, throw in 30 neutrals and go! That's not good, of course, but I'm sure you could have some fun with it; maybe play against friends for maximum enjoyment.

Now, that's not to say that this card doesn't have legitimate uses. You can throw it in as a niche tech choice against those annoying shuffle decks - Weasel Tunneler, Seaforium Bomber et al., Bad Luck Albatross and Hakkar, the Soulflayer all shuffle neutral cards into your deck that you'd rather not have there, so this can get rid of them.

I don't actually expect this to see much play, but it's there for you to consider if you find yourself in need of a counter to a strategy like that, which is pretty cool.

Embiggen Card Image

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A perfectly cromulent card.

Quote From ShadowsOfSense

This card is going to cause some headaches for sure. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if it was part of a deck that gets nerfed (and hopefully this would be the card getting hit).

It's so much better than Surrender to Madness that it's laughable. Simply make sure that your early game has enough spells that ramp or control the board to keep you alive, and then you have a boosted deck at zero cost to yourself. Hell, you could even put this in a Quest Druid variant, where your first turns are mana inefficient and don't use creatures much anyway, and then get something like two 7/7 Oasis Surgers for 6 mana. Token Druid variants that go back to their roots of having a lot of actual minions, instead of summoning them from spells, will absolutely adore this card.

It suffers similar issues that Prince Keleseth did - that being that drawing it early enough creates a huge amount of variance, and that the deckbuilding restriction you're forced into will likely turn out to not really be much of a restriction at all. At least Keleseth forced you to have no 2-drops - with this card you just make every minion you have cost a bit more, but have more than enough stats to make up for it. Would you run a 1 mana 3/3 in some sort of token or aggro deck? That's what a Wisp or Snowflipper Penguin is after you play this.

Goru the Mightree Card Image

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They're really branching out, leafing no synergy behind.

Quote From FrostyFeet

Another tree-legendary for Druids, and at a quick glance it doesn't seem like Goru would see any more play than Splintergraft did. Blizzard is clearly, once again, trying to push an archetype that hasn't really become a thing despite the support so far. Goru's stats are undeniably fair, a no-choice Ancient of War, and the on-curve combo with The Forest's Aid is extremely strong. However, there are a lot of Treant-cards to be played earlier in the game (Landscaping, Garden Gnome etc.), not to mention the times when you don't draw him on-curve, so a part of Goru's value will usually go to waste. Therefore, the biggest question will be whether the deck built around him is strong enough to have a place in the meta (especially without the dream curve), and as of now I remain sceptical. I wouldn't be surprised to see some experimentations though.

Treenforcements Card Image

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We'll put the infantree here, and then the rest of us can embark here...

Quote From Demonxz95

First thing's first, the name is amazing.

But the card itself is really good too. It's a strong turn 1 play to summon a 2/2. Enchanted Raven saw some play, so this has that going for it. You can drop one of these on turn 1, then perhaps a Dendrologist on turn 2 and it'll also help you get your Mulchmuncher out. But later, you can use it as a defensive tool and go with the +2 Health and Taunt option. But as a Treant card, it’s also useful with the new Goru the Mightree Legendary, who unfortunately probably doesn't count as a Treant (Team 5, make Treant a tribe). If you were to make a Quest-Treant deck, this will also be useful as well to get a Taunt buff and a 3/3 Treant with Goru.

It's a nice Treant synergy card, but it also seems like a good enough card on its own, especially early game.

Blowtorch Saboteur Card Image

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So do I get to play a Path Card, or not?

Quote From Demonxz95

This card is kinda weird to look at, specifically comparing it to the original Saboteur all the way back in TGT. That effect was just simply more powerful there, effectively nullifying your opponent's Hero Power, and yet the card still didn’t see play in Constructed even with a similar statline.

Blowtorch Saboteur compares oddly to the original Saboteur. Unlike Saboteur or Mindbreaker, Blowtorch Saboteur's effect persists until your opponent uses their Hero Power again meaning they'll need to take the hit in Cost eventually, but the disruption is lackluster in comparison to the other 2 cards I’ve mentioned here, none of which were ever Constructed cards. Even Mindbreaker didn’t see play when Razakus Priest was still in Standard with pre-nerf Raza.

In any situation where you may have ended up floating 1 mana anyway, specifically late game, the effect doesn’t really do much, and by the time it's later in the game, your opponent can most likely get rid of the +1 Cost no problem. Overall, I'm gonna have to say no on this card, but it's actually pretty decent in Arena where this effect is better, and the stats are good enough.

Dragonmaw Poacher Card Image

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I prefer my Dragonmaw scrambled.

Quote From Demonxz95

I guess in an expansion with a shit-load of Dragons, they've made an anti-Dragon tech to pre-emptively control the power level. It's this sets version of Dragonslayer, back in Standard. Is this better than Dragonslayer? Well, maybe.

This card will basically be an auto-include for the first week or two after the expansion releases, and it makes running all of the small Dragons worse because the +4/+4 buff will actually exceed the stats of the Dragon (except for Primordial Explorer, who has Poisonous to take care of this). For better or worse, the small Dragons may end up being unplayable for a while.

After the meta settles, this will likely fall out of use, but as long as large Dragons exist, this is always a tech you can use. I reckon it'll be a strong tech for Dragons like Dragonslayer. One interesting point is that when the Battlecry does trigger, it'll become an 8/8 (with Rush) which is the same stats as many large Dragons. If you can buff its Health with Power Word: Shield or something like that, it can kill an 8/8 Dragon and you'll keep an 8/2 on the field.

In short, really good for the first while after the expansion. The rest is unclear, but it certainly has potential.

Dark Skies Card Image

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In the darkest skies, you see the brightest stars... oh, fuck, that's not a star!

Quote From ShadowsOfSense

This is a really well-designed card, even if I do think it's going to be quite weak.

It's a board clear that works really well in a Control or Handlock or even Highlander style of Warlock, where you can play it early before your big minions come down to counter aggressive decks. Unfortunately, it becomes a lot less useful once you've actually played a big minion, because that big minion is going to soak up a lot of the damage you're trying to do in all likelihood; that's why the card, while neat in design, will be a 1-of at best in my mind.

The other cool part of the design, of course, is how much it doesn't work in a Zoo or other aggressive Warlock deck, which will be dumping its hand. It's just really fun to see how you can play with different aspects of a card to gear it towards certain archetypes.

Like Defile before it, this may also see the teching in of Spell Damage minions to increase its potency. Which one you choose will probably depend on whether or not the Spell Damage minion dying removes the Spell Damage for the rest of the shots or not.

A lot of things to think about with this card. Still weak, but maybe worth it as a 1-of in some decks.

Faceless Corruptor Card Image

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I'm going to enjoy watching you die, Mr. Anduin.

Quote From Fluxflashor

Aww yiss, another Faceless, or the N'raqi if you want to use their real name. I've always enjoyed the flavor of having this race in the game since it takes us back to primordial Azeroth which was a really cool place in time. We're not getting into some crazy lore review though, I'll save that for GoliathTheDwarf.

This is a good card. Thankfully we won't get to see it played with Evolve in Standard since that is getting rotated out again before the expansion hits, so that's another huge positive for this card. The real power is going to be when we can put something out on the cheap (like a Lackey) and follow it up with this bad boy. It still has some other uses though in saving a low-health minion that has just made an effective trade with your enemy and can be given the chance to do it again.

Lots of board clearing potential with efficient trading, without a doubt we're going to see this played with Shudderwock. Anything that is able to boost its stats in your hand is also going to slot in a couple of copies in their decks. I could see this being a nerf candidate down the line, reducing the health at the very least so there is less of a chance it will stay up for more than its initial turn. I think I'll keep my extra copies I open for that sweet arcane dust when the time daddy Blizzard hits it with the nerf bat.

Murozond the Infinite Card Image

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How long can this go on?

Quote From Demonxz95

Hey, Murozond is finally in the game! That's pretty exciting to me. That said, the effect is slightly disappointing. It falls under the category of "neat, but not necessarily good".

If your opponent casts a lot of targeted spells last turn, you can't really play this because the spells might hit you or Murozond himself (as demonstrated in the card’s reveal video). Because it doesn't trigger Battlecries, you can't use it to copy your opponent’s Yogg (as also demonstrated in the reveal video) or anything significant like, although even if you could, they could still target unwanted stuff. If you want to copy minions, you'd need to copy minions with strong, non-Battlecry effects. The effect also kinda works against itself, since it wants your opponent to play a lot of cards, but big cards that cost more to play often have stronger abilities and are more threatening. Then you consider that if they do play minions, this is susceptible to AoE or removal.

I really want this card to be good, but the ability is hard to make work. It's not impossible. Copying a Flamestrike and killing a whole board would be cool, but there's not much else you can do with this card. At the very least though, the entrance animation of the card is pretty cool, and hey, we finally have Murozond in the game after he was just in a short Arena event.