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Descent Druid Flavor Text

Descent Hunter Flavor Text

  • Veranus - As an empty nester, she just misses her little ones.
  • Dragonbane - *Thunk* "That wasn’t a dragon!" *Thunk* "THAT wasn’t a dragon!"
  • Stormhammer - It brings the storm before the calm.
  • Toxic Reinforcements - In the event of a sudden loss of cabin pressure, a slingshot will be deployed for convenient evacuation.
  • Diving Gryphon - Warning: May cause carousel flashbacks.
  • Phase Stalker - It's not just a phase! I don't have to tell you anything! GAWSH!
  • Clear the Way - The terrifying part is the gryphons' squeaky voices afterward.
  • Primordial Explorer - "We're letting the poisonous dude carry the bags?"
  • Corrosive Breath - It's a breath of fresh terror!
  • Dwarven Sharpshooter - Scissors, knives, needles, you name it! He'll shoot it.

Descent Mage Flavor Text

Descent Paladin Flavor Text

Descent Priest Flavor Text

Descent Rogue Flavor Text

  • Galakrond, the Nightmare - The enormous creature unfurled terrifying claws dripping with poisonous ichor. King Togwaggle was pleased, but inwardly disappointed the great Nightmare refused to wear the candle.
  • Flik Skyshiv - Junior explorers scan the night sky in fear of her candle’s flame!
  • Waxadred - Waxadred the dragon fought for his king, frolicking through the fields melting everything!
  • Umbral Skulker - "Three gold?! Do you have any idea how long this quest chain was?"
  • Necrium Apothecary - Necrium: Get the afterlife without the aftertaste!
  • Stowaway - Cut him a break. Even economy class tickets are pretty expensive these days.
  • Seal Fate - Firmly press the seal of your fates instead of leaving the flap open.
  • Dragon's Hoard - The Alliance loves this hoard.
  • Candle Breath - "And Waxadred shall light their fires, with roaring breath hotter than pyres! Come before him, scamp and vandal, pledge your faith and lift your candle!"
  • Praise Galakrond! - "Turn to Galakrond, Chapter 3 Verse 12. 'SNARL! ROAR! GRAAAAGH!' Let us reflect on this wisdom."
  • Bloodsail Flybooter - They’re pretty fly for some pirate guys.

Descent Shaman Flavor Text

  • Galakrond, the Tempest - Hagatha cried out over the winds: "Truly, you are as powerful as the Maelstrom!" To which the Tempest answered: "I AM THE MAELSTROM."
  • Nithogg - Not to be confused with Nithogger.
  • Bandersmosh - The Shudderwock finds him particularly frumious.
  • Cumulo-Maximus - "Are your clouds not entertained?!"
  • Dragon's Pack - Each dragon's pack is guaranteed to have at least one rare.
  • Corrupt Elementalist - Her element is "Horns."
  • Lightning Breath - Recipe: One dragon, four wool socks, thick shag carpet.
  • Storm's Wrath - How many dragons does it take to destroy a hot air balloon? One, two, three, CRUNCH!
  • Squallhunter - "Oh, the weather outside is frightful… But Squallhunter's so delightful! And since we've gone down this road--overload, overload, overload!"
  • Invocation of Frost - Galakrond adores a little frosting.
  • Surging Tempest - "Overloaded? Should've gotten a surge protector."

Descent Warlock Flavor Text

  • Zzeraku the Warped - The extra Z is for "zesty."
  • Valdris Felgorge - I don't mean to pry, but you don't by chance happen to have six fingers on both of your hands?
  • Galakrond, the Wretched - Fel-flames slowly writhed around the skeleton, until the great bones knit themselves together into a demonic monstrosity. Rafaam shielded his face from the heat but could not hide his grin.
  • Veiled Worshipper - If you’re not wearing your regulation cultist clothing, how will Galakrond know to devour you last?
  • Dark Skies - "It's a drizzle of fire. A fine mist, really."
  • Crazed Netherwing - Always tail swipes left.
  • Dragonblight Cultist - Galakrond would be extra mad if he was resurrected with gnaw marks on his bones.
  • Nether Breath - "Whether the Nether is cold, whether the Nether is hot, we'll burn together, whatever the Nether, whether we like it or not."
  • Abyssal Summoner - But gnomes have tiny hands...
  • Fiendish Rites - "You have the right to sacrifice an ally. If you do not have an ally, then one will be sacrificed for you."
  • Rain of Fire - You know it’s autumn when the skies rain brimstone and fire. Also: pumpkin spice!

Descent Warrior Flavor Text

  • Deathwing, Mad Aspect - Bite that one, bite that other one, claw this one, swallow that one whole....
  • Galakrond, the Unbreakable - The ground quaked beneath the behemoth as Dr. Boom continued: "…with over 400 TONS of solid Storm Silver plate." Then he beeped a small remote. "And luxury spikes!"
  • Ancharrr - The problem with anchors is they often end up sinking to the bottom of your deck.
  • Ramming Speed - Her deductible keeps going up.
  • Scion of Ruin - Ruined! RUINED!
  • Molten Breath - Pizza so hot it burns OTHER PEOPLE’S MOUTHS.
  • Skybarge - It's more of a ship-gun than a gunship.
  • Ritual Chopper - Chop chop, Galakrond!
  • EVIL Quartermaster - He trained for a whole year to become quarter-master. Three more, and he'll be a full-master.
  • Awaken! - This is an alarm clock you can't ignore.
  • Sky Raider - Maybe he should've hatched a plan that could actually carry booty back too.

Descent Neutral Flavor Text