We've been hard at work going through today's huge patch and we've come across some interesting new currencies in Hearthstone!

UPDATE: Looking like this might be a China-only currency, as previously speculated. A blog post in China, that was not previously available, showcases it. One hell of a way to get around loot box stuff, Blizzard.

Now, before we get into this, please understand that everything that follows this sentence is datamined information and is subject to change.

What Are Arcane Orbs and Runestones?

Arcane Orbs and Runestones are both new currencies related to the Hearthstone shop. Here's what we know about them.

  • Prior to today's patch, there have been no references to either Arcane Orbs and Runestones.
  • You can use both currencies to purchase different types of items in the new in-game shop.
  • There are separate sections in the shop to use Arcane Orbs and Runestones.
Arcane Orbs
  • Arcane Orbs can purchase Card Packs.
  • You can earn Arcane Orbs through quests and events.
  • There is a cap to how many Arcane Orbs you can own, encouraging spending. Cap appears to be 9999.
  • There is a quest called "Embrace the Arcane" that rewards you with 180 Arcane Orbs for playing 3 games in any mode.
  • Runestones can purchase Arcane Orbs, Heroes, Adventures, or Arena Tickets.
  • Runestones can be converted into Arcane Orbs at an unknown rate.
  • Runestones can be purchased with real currency.
  • They appear to be unearnable in-game.

Outside of the information above, we aren't sure what the plan is for Arcane Orbs and Runestones.

  • It is possible they could be a region-specific currency to get around loot box laws.
  • With them being available from quests and events, the currencies will be used to catch players up on older content.
  • No references to card backs tells us it is unlikely they are here to bring back unobtained card backs.