Can you feel it too? Descent of Dragons is getting close and that can also be seen on the amount of community-created theorycraft decks for both Standard and Wild, some of which have lurked into this post as well. Let's take a look, shall we?

Gonk Druid

Prepare to get Gonked in DoD as clawz161 has Untapped the Potential of the archetype with this OTK list. You can already start mastering the tricks of the Lord of the Hunt with this version of the deck.

Secret Hunter

Secrets and cheap Beasts is the simple but effective recipe discohs plans to use during the new expansion. Who needs late game minions anyway when you can have Deathstalker Rexxar? This deck has an already-playable version as well.

Mecha'thun Control Warlock

Soschinian seems to have a love-hate relationship with combo decks, as the deck is designed to counter a variety of possible combos while also running the Mecha'thun combo as an alternative win condition.

Malygos Shaman

The addition of Platebreaker means that damage-from-hand OTKs are now able to beat those heavily armoring decks they struggled with until now. WhatAChamp has recognized this and plans to tackle the meta with this Malygos list.

Reborn Priest

At last, immortality! Your minions aren't going anywhere soon with Kamouh's list that doesn't let its faithful servants die. Grave Rune will be a nice addition to already wide variety of Zerek shenanigans.

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Came up with something Wild yourself? Create a Wild deck and share it in comments below. Don't forget to write a guide!