Descent of Dragons is here, and its impact has already been felt throughout the game. Take a break from the endless stream of Shamans and check out what the Wild format has to offer in the form of decks made by our community members. This time, to celebrate the new expansion, we'll be featuring decks from all nine classes!

Menagerie Druid

A cheap spell Embiggens the smallest minion. WhatAChamp's deck takes advantage of the new Dragon-synergy Murlocs and the good old Karazhan multibuffers to make a solid midrange deck.

OTK Mech Hunter

Xarkkal has combined the base of Mech Hunters to an OTK combo you can use when your primary gameplan doesn't work out. Beware, your opponent may be toxic afterwards.

Quest Mage

The addition of Violet Spellwing will speed up your Quest completion while Elemental Allies will help you draw more fuel even faster, all while making Arcane Giants cheaper. RavenSunHS's deck sure seems to operate at max speed.

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OTK Paladin

The new Descent of Dragons additions got escabe to call this deck back from retirement for a revamp. Just beware Platebreakers when playing High Priest Thekal or you might get counter-OTK'd.

Thief Priest

The greed of Priests is unending! So far they've just copied a majority of your deck, but now FirePaladinHS has found to way to just steal the entire thing with the help of  King Togwaggle. Murozond will be guarding the King's Ransom to make sure your opponent can't swap the deck back.

Galakrond Rogue

Umbral Skulker was always destined to be insane in all sorts of combos, and now Dorkpork has come up with this list, utilizing all the cheap stuff and Galakrond's battlecry for a huge Spectral Pillager turn. Get your APM up!

Egg Shaman

The oceans stir, and the heavens cry! Just kidding, this really is a Shaman deck without Galakrond, they still exist! The list comes from SaltyMcNulty, who just loves to tinker with eggs.

Galakrond Warlock

A cheaper alternative for those who'd like to try out Galakronds in Wild. FirePaladinHS's deck still packs a punch as it's a regular Zoolock at its core, with some Invokers at the side.

Galakrond Taunt Warrior

Last but not the least, we have a deck from our very own linkblade91. Having initially tinkered with a highlander version of the deck, Galakrond eventually found a better home amongst these Taunts. Rumor has it that the deck has been working well so far.

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Came up with something Wild yourself? Create a Wild deck and share it in comments below. Don't forget to write a guide!