The fourth and final week of this year's Hearthstone Global Games tournament has arrived with only the eight strongest teams remaining. After the weekend we'll find out who will be crowned as this year's winner, following the success of the previous champions Czech Republic (2017) and China (2018).

Tournament Format - Top 8

Remember the rules from previous rounds? The tournament will keep following the format until top 4.

  • Eight countries left, each team having two players.
  • Bo5 Conquest, 4 decks with 1 ban.
  • Teams are divided in two groups of four.
  • Each group plays through a double elimination bracket, with top 2 teams advancing to the next phase.
  • Top 4 will play through a Single Elimination bracket.


As usual, the groups will contain teams from one region only.

  • Group A consists of APAC teams: Hong Kong, Japan, New Zealand, and Taiwan.
  • Group B has the remaining Europeans: Czech Republic, Denmark, Norway, and United Kingdom.

You can find the detailed brackets on but BEWARE, this week's matches have already been played off-stream. If you don't want to get spoiled, don't click the link until the games have been streamed.

The Decklists

The decks from the remaining teams can be found below. Team New Zealand is the only one brave enough to leave Galakrond Shaman out of their lineup.

Team Czech Republic's (Jarla & Faeli) Decks

Team Denmark's (Furyhunter & FreddyB) Decks

Team Hong Kong's (kin0531 & Fungggg) Decks

Team Japan's (posesi & glory) Decks

Team New Zealand's (Jakattack & Pathra) Decks

Team Norway's (ntR & Hunterace) Decks

Team Taiwan's (Narina & Shaxy) Decks

Team United Kingdom's (DeadDraw & BoarControl) Decks



West Coast


East Coast






December 205:008:0014:0022:00
December 215:008:0014:0022:00
December 227:0010:0016:0024:00


The esports year draws to a close, but the new one isn't that far away! Masters Tour Arlington will be here at the end of January.