The fine folks over at HSReplay released a great animation of how the meta has evolved over the past couple of weeks since the launch of Decent of Dragons.

Its fun to see how Highlander Mage was immediately replaced by Galakrond Shaman, we saw the rise of Deathrattle Rogue, and then Face Hunter getting popular out of nowhere. How do you feel about the current state of the meta since the patch hit?

If you're looking for some decks to play, be sure to check out all our community contributed decks! Here are some of our favourites, and some of the best!

Face Hunter

Kibler's Quest Priest

Pirate Warrior

Galakrond Zoolock

Highlander Paladin

Our very own linkblade91 has a fun deck you should give a shot if you have the cards available. Outlast your opponent while building up a strong board and get that win!