We've finally got the hero power for The Amazing Reno which is being added to the game later this month with the release of the Galakrond's Awakening Adventure.

Say hello to a Passive Hero Power! Thanks to Hearthstone's Liv for providing the sauce.

The Amazing Reno Card Image What Does This Do? Card Image

Reno is essentially Yogg-Saron, slowly pushing out all those random spells!

The Origins of The Amazing Reno's Power

It's such a weird card, how did we end up here? Well, it turns out this is what Magic Trick was for a while!

Quote From Celestalon

Fun fact: That's what the Mage spell "Magic Trick" was, for much of Rise of Shadows' development. It was simply "Make a minion disappear. *Poof!*"

We liked the effect and flavor, it was just too similar to Polymorph. So, we put that idea on hold, until we found this design, and loved it. :D

what cost did you try it at? 5-6 seems ok but powerful I guess

Aye, it would likely have been (5), maybe (6). We redesigned it before the point where we really fine-tune balance, so hard to know for sure.

Learn More About Galakrond's Awakening

We've got a guide up for the new adventure and will be updating it when we learn new information about it and when new cards get revealed - check it out!