We've now began our adventures in Northrend, and the new cards will certainly inspire people to make even Wilder decks in the coming weeks. Let's see if we can already see the influence in this week's picks of community created decks, shall we?

Control Warlock

Let's start from the top of the ladder where Irini has been using this Warlock list quite successfully. At least anyone who has been playing the Heroic Kriziki fight in the new adventure knows how disruptive Bad Luck Albatross can get.

Spiteful Shaman

Shaman has been lacking truly big spells that would make Spiteful Summoner strategy viable, but darkpanther01 was quick to notice that Eye of the Storm fixed that weakness. When The Fist of Ra-den unlocks next Tuesday you'll be able to try this deck in all its glory.

Leeroy OTK Priest

Zetalot was tinkering with the idea of the deck in Standard some time ago, but the combo is naturally easier to pull off in Wild as Zebulun has noticed. Amara will certainly provide some much needed help in fending off aggro.

OTK Druid

Sometimes the victory can come via smaller non-legendaries as well. LyraSilvertongue doesn't need Leeroys for OTK combos when there are Druid of the Sabers available.

Highlander Dragon Paladin

Let's add some Dragonic flavor for the post as well. While mostly playing different Reno Mage builds, magikman has been trying out this Highlander Paladin strategy lately.

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Came up with something Wild yourself? Create a Wild deck and share it in comments below. Don't forget to write a guide!