The adventure continues, and new cards keep on coming. Let's take a look what kind of impact the frozen winds of change have had to our community's Wild deckbuilders this week, shall we?

Giant Rogue

Go big or go home. BulboScumbeg's Rogue list aims to make Arcane Giants cost 0, copying them a bit with Gang Up and copying them some more through DK Valeera's Hero Power.

Spell Token Druid

Next up we have even more Arcane Giants, although they're not at the core of this deck. Nork plays with the synergies of the Token-creating Druid spells and some spell-loving minions (like good old Violet Teacher) to achieve victory.

Hakkar Quest Paladin

I really like Hakkar's flavor, and something about its combo with Prince Liam just makes me happy. You definitely don't need to wait for Corrupted Bloods to burn your opponent down as Gam3rPr0 has filled the deck with deathrattles that can quickly get out of control with the upgraded Hero Power.

OTK Warlock

When I look at Depth Charge I don't see an OTK in the making, but luckily MarkMcKz isn't as narrow-minded as I am. With the help of some Treacherous Wrathguards he has deviced an OTK your opponent won't see coming.

Highlander Dragon Priest

We're dreadfully low on Dragons thus far, so let's fix that with Avarice's Reno Dragon Priest. The deck comes with a great guide explaining the strategy and thought process behind all card choices.

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