The weekend is here so it's once again time to take a look at the Wild side of Hearthstone. Take a break from your adventures in Dragonblight and explore the creations of our community's Wild deckbuilders instead.

Aggro Quest Mage

Let's kick things off with a legend-worthy Mage list from JambaJooze. You don't always need an army of giants to win as you can create massive amount of damage with just Flamewaker combos as well.

If this deck didn't suit your needs, JambaJooze also had Secret Mage and Reno Mage lists to share, all with great guides.

Discard Warlock

Discard Warlock never truly shined in Standard but everything's possible in Wild where ifear reached rank 5 with this deck. The only card you should avoid discarding is Nether Portal, all else can go in the name of tempo.

Exodia Paladin

MemeMachine's deck has no pathetic cards. This Paladin list is armed with a ton of card draw so you should be able to assemble the unstoppable exodia combo quite reliably.

Wall Priest

Wild can be an expensive format but one can always find cheaper and viable decks as well. Amaringo's Priest doesn't have too many Epics or Legendaries, but will still punish opponents quite hard if they're unable to remove all those resurrected high health minions.

Highlander Dragon Warlock

Just the perfect deck to fix our lack of Dragons for this post as PowerOfCheez certainly went heavy with them for this Reno list. Utgarde Grapplesniper can just ruin your opponent as there are so many brutal draws to summon.

Looking to adventure further into the Wild? Take a look at these decks.

Came up with something Wild yourself? Create a Wild deck and share it in comments below. Don't forget to write a guide!