Oh boy! Dean Ayala has announced that some cards may be getting their nerfs removed when the next expansion releases.

Dean was out on the official forums very late last night talking about the Standard meta where he dropped the bomb. We don't know which cards will be changed back to their original glory or if they will being doing so at all, but we should expect an update "soon". If I were to gamble, I'd expect to see that information alongside the "Year of the" announcement that is likely hitting at the end of this month.

Eligible Cards Nerfed During Year of the Dragon

These are all the card changes we saw during Year of the Dragon that will be rotating into Wild this April.

The changes to Extra Arms and Luna's Pocket Galaxy are not listed here since they both were buffed and then reset back to their original costs and we're not sure if that makes them eligible.

Quote From Dean Ayala

For Wild, we’re looking at some of the nerfs we made to cards that rotate into Wild with the next expansion and seeing if we want to revert any of them. Will have more updates on that soon ™. Good luck and have fun!