Earlier today we shared some insight from Dean Ayala on the highest winrate decks that the top 1% of players were playing over the past few days - there was a surprising amount of variation over just a few days, with 10 different decks vying for a place in the top five over the sample period.

We've collected some decklists for the top 5 archetypes of February 11th. These decklists all boasted good winrates in the bracket of the top 1% of players, which according to Dean constitutes around Rank 3 to Legend.

Quote From Dean Ayala

Hey everyone! I spent some time today going through community feedback and interntal statistics for the Standard metagame. Wanted to share some thoughts on where we are now and where we might be headed in the near future.

Still seeing healthy fluctuation in terms of deck power levels every day. Here are some metrics for the best decks over the last four days. Data represents top 1% of players, which is approximately Rank 3 to Legend.

Feb 11

  • Combo Priest – 55.4%
  • Galakrond Warrior – 54.3%
  • Dragon Hunter – 54.1%
  • Mech Paladin – 53.9%
  • Quest Druid – 53.7%

Combo Priest

Galakrond Warrior

Dragon Hunter

Mech Paladin

Quest Druid