In our continued celebration of Valentine's Day, we're wrapping up with a highlight on Highlander Decks built by the community!

Standard - Highlander Galakrond Rogue

If you've been hanging out on the Standard ladder recently, you've come across this powerhouse. As of writing, this deck has a global winrate of 54.76%, though it'll set you back almost 20k arcane dust.

Standard - Dragon Highlander Hunter

Another Standard Highlander deck, this time coming from our own Targus! While this isn't the popular Highlander Secret Hunter that has been quite popular, the deck sees great success on the ladder thanks to positive matchups with Embiggen Druid and Galakrond Rogue. Check out our meta report last week for more details!

Wild - Highlander Mill Mage

You've probably seen this wonderful creation up near the top of decks here on Out of Cards. MemeMachine has done an excellent job putting together an awesome deck that focuses on having fun while playing a control game.

Standard - Highlander Scales Paladin

Mrgl! Watch the video, play the deck, enjoy!

Wild - Reno the Even-loving Giant

Bahob's got a fun looking wild deck featuring a focus on Even, Giants, and many of our fan favourites. Your goal is to control the board with your excessive amounts of Warlock clear and simply overpower your opponent with strong cards. It isn't even that expensive!