The adventure has been fully released so the next thing to look forward is the new year's announcement, alongside potential un-nerfs for Wild cards. Before that, let's see if the new cards have already found a home from our community members' decklists, shall we?

Pirate Paladin

Pirates and Paladins? I'm not sure about the flavor with that... Haunter187 isn't troubled by the class's lack of support for the archetype but has been having a blast instead laddering with the deck.

Highlander Mage

Last week we highlighted JambaJooze's Highlander builds and yesterday we celebrated Singles Awareness Day with even more singletons, but there's no such thing as too many when it comes to Reno decks! FirePaladinHS's legend-worthy list seems to get the thumbs up from our HSReplay widget as well with a respectable 64 % winrate.

Darkness Warlock

Your candles flicker, little kobolds! GuyishBandit really wants to release The Darkness from his dormant prison and aims to fill the opponent's deck with as many candles as possible.

Heal Priest

No pain, no gain sounds more like a Warrior strategy, but shaveyou has put together this Priest list where healing will buff your minions' attack through the roof. No Inner Fires here!

Dragon Hunter

Time for the weekly Dragon fix. Nefarian is taking a break from getting beaten in Blackwing Lair, and has formed an unlikely alliance with Zul'jin in ARES's deck.

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