We recently had the... pleasure... of The Amazing Reno joining our collections from completing the last wing of the Galakrond's Awakening Adventure. So, which spells are we hoping Reno will cast for us and which ones are we really wanting to avoid?

Thanks to data from HSReplay.net, we've got the answer!

The Amazing Reno Card Image What Does This Do? Card Image

The Best Spells from The Amazing Reno

It shouldn't be surprising but the best spell you can get off The Amazing Reno is the one that... wait for it... casts 10 more spells. Puzzle Box of Yogg-Saron won't be rotating in April since it was only released last year which means we've got *knock on wood* at least another year of fun RNG alongside Reno.

Here are the top 5 cards by winrate when Reno casts them for free.

Puzzle Box of Yogg-Saron Card Image Eye of the Storm Card Image Blizzard Card Image Plague of Death Card ImageUnleash the Beast Card Image

The Worst Spells from The Amazing Reno

We can't have the best without also including the worst so here we go! It is a little surprising Myra's Unstable Element isn't the worst card out there. It turns out the turn tempo loss can be a real killer - that's what you get when you have a card like Reno that exists to make an attempt at regaining control of a game.

Grave Rune Card Image Darkest Hour Card Image Surrender to Madness Card Image Myra's Unstable Element Card ImageForbidden Words Card Image

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