Today's Hearthstone patch has brought a lot of great stuff to the game but with it also comes bugs. Let's jump right into the issues that are being experienced and what Blizzard is doing to fix em.

Mage Bundle "Nerf"

When the blog post for the new patch went live, Blizzard stated that the Mage Packs contained cards from only the Year of the Dragon sets. Well, this turned out to not be the case and they ninja-updated the blog to state that it was actually all the Standard expansions. We don't know if this means you can keep your packs and open them up post-rotation to get Mage cards from the new set, but we wouldn't count on it.

This not only lessens the value of the cards significantly due to the rotation that is about to happen, but this was also a slap in the face to anyone that purchased the bundle with the previous assumption. Below is the original post, a horizontal rule, and then the updated post. We are not aware of an announcement they have made to confirm the issue.

The solution to this problem is to not buy the bundle and to ask Blizzard why they haven't communicated that they originally made a mistake in their post. Ninja-edits are not fun.

Quote From Blizzard

For the first time ever, we’re offering a class-specific pack for a limited time! From February 26 – March 4 you can get 5 Mage Packs containing strictly Mage class cards from the Year of the Dragon (Rise of ShadowsSaviors of Uldum, and Descent of Dragons) for $9.99!

For the first time ever, we’re offering a class-specific pack for a limited time! From February 26 – March 4 you can get 5 Mage Packs containing strictly Mage class cards from all expansions in Standard (The Witchwood, The Boomsday Project, Rastakhan's Rumble, Rise of ShadowsSaviors of Uldum, and Descent of Dragons) for $9.99!

Mobile Patching Issues on iOS

If you're having issues patching on your Apple device, good news! The short-term workaround is to reinstall the game. Blizzard is looking to address this issue in an additional patch targeted for Thursday.

Quote From Kaeyoh

Hey everyone,

We’ve identified an issue with patching up from 16.2.3 to 16.4 on iOS where players will get stuck in an endless update loop.

We are working towards bringing a client patch to fix this issue tomorrow. In the meantime, you can update to 16.4 by uninstalling and reinstalling Hearthstone. Thank you for your patience until then.

Battlegrounds Duo-Queue Failure

There's a bug when you attempt to queue into Battlegrounds with a friend. Although you are allowed to do so, the game won't be found! Blizzard asks that you don't duo-queue until they fix the issue. No current ETA has been provided.

Quote From Kaeyoh

Hey everyone,

We’re currently investigating a bug that prevents queueing with friends into Battlegrounds matches. While the ability to search for a match with a friend still works, a game will not be found. For now, we advise holding off on duo-queueing to avoid getting stuck in the search.

We’ll share another update as soon as we’ve determined and scheduled a fix.

The Case of the Ghostly Mogu Fleshshaper

If you use an Evolve mechanic on a 6-cost minion, some community members are reporting that they get a Mogu Fleshshaper! Well, that can't be right... Mogu Fleshshaper is clearly a 9-cost minion, right?

Well, yes, you are indeed correct. The issue is because of a small data mistake Blizzard made in the client data. I responded to the reddit post and have included my response below to explain whats going on. I expect Blizzard will patch it out when they fix the iOS issues, so enjoy it while you can.

Quote From Fluxflashor

I can explain whats going on here. Mogu is not being buffed.

So in today's patch, Blizzard added in some cards to Tavern Brawl that are clones of the originals. A special brawl comes back once a year that lets us play with decks from previous tournament champions and a part of that requires adding duplicate cards to the game with old stats.

Now, why is this only happening with Mogu Fleshshaper and not other cards they've added to the Brawl set?

HAH. Blizzard goofed. The card is flagged as collectible in their data and I imagine it'll be patched soon. There also isn't an image associated with it which is why we have the default white texture showing up.

Fun stuff.

We Don't Know What This Year Is

The patch doesn't seem to tell us anything about what the next year is or what expansion we're getting. Consider this the announcement of the announcement of the announcement, but then don't consider this an announcement since the announcement was the fact we had a Hearthstone Summit. Something, something announcement.

We really can't wait to find out what is in store. Although there's a few issues with today's patch, things are looking great so far for 2020 and Hearthstone!

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