Oh no! It's the end of the month and you've not quite hit the Rank you wanted - or perhaps you're still looking for those five wins, too busy tearing up the Battlegrounds and Awakening Galakrond to dip into the murky waters of Standard Ladder. Fear not; February has saved up time for an extra day this year, so you've still got a day to grab those stars.

To help speed you along, we've taken to HSReplay to find some of the best performing decks at the moment. Pick up and play for those five wins, or analyse and adapt them as you see fit to try and reach that next Rank milestone.

All winrates correct at time of posting - do check yourself before playing if it's been awhile.

Dragon Hunter - 59% WR [HSReplay]

Dragon Hunter has gone through a long period of various revisions ever since Descent of Dragons was released, really. This aggressive build incorporates the new Rotnest Drake from Galakrond's Awakening, as well as a streamlined Secret package to maximise the value of Hero Powering. Expect to get through games quickly with this one.

Embiggen Druid - 57% WR [HSReplay]

Though our wonderful Standard Meta Report will correctly tell you of the declining popularity at Legend of Embiggen Druid in the face of aggressive Hunter decks, it remains a solid option for those in lower Ranks, or those faced with some pesky Warriors or Rogues, which it compares to quite favourably. Our list here is the most popular on HSReplay, but there are tweaks for those interested in spicing things up - Frizz Kindleroost is always a welcome sight, and Archmage Vargoth can allow for some disgusting combos with Witching Hour or Embiggen itself (if you don't mind losing a bit of consistency).

Mech Paladin - 58% WR [HSReplay]

Another aggressive deck for those looking to get in as many games as possible; Mech Paladin takes advantage of the powerful Magnetic keyword to go curve-hopping to victory. As mentioned in our Boomsday Farewell, Magnetic cards have consistently hit a sweetspot of very good but probably not broken. Whether you'll be waving a sad GOODBYE! to Annoy-o-Module or gladly shutting the door on SN1P-SN4P and Zilliax in the coming months, this deck will help you make a few more memories with them before they're gone.

Galakrond Rogue - 55% WR [HSReplay]

Hey guys, have you heard about this great new deck called Galakrond Rogue? I really think it's going to take off.

Seriously though, Galakrond Rogue remains the favourite way to tear up the ladder at high Ranks, and it works a treat at lower Ranks too. If Lackeys and disruption are your game, this is the deck for you.

Galakrond Warrior - 55% WR [HSReplay]

Rogue isn't the only class getting in on that Galakrond action. Warrior rocks this deceptively aggressive list - remember, every Invocation is 3 damage! - and does so quite well. We've seen Warrior become a contender for one of the top spots at high ranks recently, able to pressure out wins with the powerful Scion of Ruin.

Bonus - Pop, Whiz, Bang!

We'll be sad to see him go, so if you're looking for a taste of randomness on Leap Day, why not try and rack up a few wins with good ol' Whizbang the Wonderful?

He can be a tricky beast to master, so we've got the perfect decklist for you right here. Go forth, and win!

Whizbang is Wonderful
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