Update: This card has now been revealed!

Thanks to the magic of YouTube thumbnails on Trump's YouTube Premiere, Trump has showcased his upcoming reveal - a Mage Legendary!

What do you think Astromancer Solarian will do?

In World of Warcraft, High Astromancer Solarian is a boss fight in Tempest Keep: The Eye, the raid in which Kael'thas Sunstrider is the final encounter. Interestingly, Al'ar which was just revealed also resides in Tempest Keep so the only boss we're missing from there now is Void Reaver (Loot Reaver for you Burning Crusade folk).

The fight is made up of three phases, laid out as follows

  • Phase 1
    • Your ranged classes stack together at the start of the counter.
    • High Astromancer Solarian will attack random raid members with Arcane Missiles constantly, causing strain on healers.
    • If you are afflicted with a magical bomb, you must run away from the group.
    • Failure to run away with the bomb will cause the entire raid to get thrown up into the air, landing with 10% health.
  • Phase 2
    • High Astromancer Solarian disappears.
    • Adds will spawn from portals on the sides of the encounter room, summoning a dozen mobs. AoE damage is important.
    • After a short period of time, Phase 2 ends, 2 large mobs spawn and High Astromancer Solarian returns.
  • Phase 3
    • At 20% Health, High Astromancer Solarian turns into a Voidwalker.
    • The fight at this point is a "free win" since it is a "tank and spank" type fight.
    • There is an AoE fear that hits melee characters.

If the minion is going to be anything like the encounter in World of Warcraft, it is possible we could see some Arcane Missile generation, direct damage, minion spawns, or maybe a Deathrattle transform effect that provides you with a safety net. Whatever it ends up being, we've almost got a full set of Tempest Keep bosses!

Here's the premiere embed for when the reveal happens later today. The reveal is happening at 1 PM Eastern (10 AM Pacific, 5 PM GMT)