We're a little bit late this time (can you really blame us? There's so much great stuff going on), but it's time to bring back an old favourite this reveal season: The community bingo!

After a card is revealed that fits one of these categories, we'll cross that space off. If we get 5 in a line, we get a bingo. How many squares will we cross off by the time we see all the cards? A few squares are already crossed off.

Completed Card

And here are is the card with all of the squares we've completed so far.

Al'arSecret RogueReplicat-o-tronShadow CouncilKayn Sunfury
Bulwark of Azzinoth    
Confirmed!Astromancer SolarianFREE!  
Teron GorefiendSerpentshrine Portal  Uhh, a lot of things.
NetherwalkerBoggspine Knuckles (wording)Ysiel WindsingerOverconfident OrcBurrowing Scorpid

How many squares do you think we will we cross off by the end?

Square Rulings

Now some of these squares have some rulings to them.

  • Year of the Phoenix - This square is crossed off once we get a card depicting a phoenix (thanks Al'ar).
  • "This Will Never Be In The Game" - This square is crossed off once we get an effect that has widely been stated to never appear in the game. Technically the fact that we have a new class could cross this off, but I opted not to and only relegate this to card effects.
  • Fan Creations Is Here - If something extremely popular in fan-made cards lands in the game in this set, we'll cross this off.
  • So Much For This Rotating - Were you really excited about a card rotating only for it to be back in a different form in this set?
  • Silverback Family Reunion - If we get yet another card that powercreeps Silverback Patriarch, we'll cross this one off.
  • Elemental Synergy Card - A bit of a weird one, but Mage always seems to get a one random Elemental synergy card each set. Note that merely being an Elemental does not count.
  • Rebirth - One of the main aspects of a phoenix is resurrection, so it only seems plausible that it might happen here.
  • It's All Ogre Now - If a card (preferably an Ogre) uses the 50% mechanic, we can cross this off. Or maybe just some crazy ogre.
  • Babbling Babbler - Any 1 mana 1/1 card generator will count (I'm not counting Psychic Conjurer as it isn't really part of this set).
  • Mana Cheating - Hey, that's cheating! But we'll cross this off.
  • Breaking Weaknesses - Did Shaman get another strong card drawer or card generator? Did Hunter get an insane card drawer? Did Demon Hunter get an amazing card generator despite the fact that it was supposed to be a weakness?
  • C-C-C-COMBO!!! - Is this card integral to a strong buildaround or combo?
  • Class Card in Disguise - Do you spot a Neutral card that would only be playable in one class?

Have fun!