The expansion hype is building up, and we already got a small sample of the new cards in the form of this expansion's freebie legendary, Kael'thas Sunstrider. If you're still wondering what you should do with him, don't worry! We've gathered some decks with gameplay videos for you to try out.

Kael'thas Sunstrider Card Image

Conjurer Mage by Kibler

If your spells weren't cheap enough already, Kael'thas will help you make even crazier turns. NOTE: the decklist is from the beginning of the video, Kibler makes some edits to the list as the video progresses.

Mecha'thun Warrior by Firebat

Who needs Malygos anymore when you can have Kael'thas instead?

Quest Druid & Malygos Shaman by Thijs

Thijs doubled the Kael'thas fun in this video, showing how Kael can be both a strong support card and an OTK enabler although he didn't exactly pull off the OTK in the video.

OTK Priest by MarkMcKz

Our resident OTK memer has naturally noticed Kael'thas's potential as well, sending Prophet Velen off to Hall of Fame in style in this video.

Looking for more inspiration for your own Kael'thas deck? Check out what our other community members have been up to with their decks.