Tombs of Terror Strategy Guide & Overview

Welcome to our strategy guide and overview for Tombs of Terror!

Tombs of Terror Chapters

The adventure is divided into different chapters filled with bosses. We have strategy guides for each of the chapters.

Tombs of Terror Heroes

You'll get to choose which hero you want to play in Tombs of Terror.

Elise Starseeker Card Image Brann Bronzebeard Card Image Reno Jackson Card Image Sir Finley Card Image

Tombs of Terror Boss Guides

If you're looking to stomp some bosses, we've got information on all of them!

Click on any boss down below to visit their guide.

The Lost City Bosses

Scorching Dunes Bosses

Khartut's Tomb Bosses

Halls of Origination Bosses

Inner Sanctum Bosses