Magtheridon Strategy - Trial by Felfire Challenges

In the third encounter of the chapter "The Big and the Bad", you're fighting Magtheridon.

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Quick Tips

  • You'll want to get to the board as quickly as possible and start killing those Manticron Cubes.
  • You're free to go as wide as you can - he has no AoE or other punishes for doing so.
  • Be prepared for power surges, Magtheridon's deck contains a good amount of handbuffs.
  • The only form of burst damage he has is the weapon he gets from Malkorok, so you'll usually know if you can afford to take 10 damage from the cubes when pushing for lethal.

Recommended Decks

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Watch Out For These Cards

Curse of Weakness can make your turns very awkward - better take those trades while you can.

Voidlord can ruin your aggressive plans, but luckily Magtheridon only has one copy of it.

An unanswered Armagedillo can make his Taunts too much to handle so try to kill it immediately.

Boss Unique Cards

These cards are unique to the Magtheridon encounter.

Manticron Cube Card Image

Magtheridon's Deck

This is the deck Magtheridon uses in the Trial by Felfire Challenges adventure.

Hot Decks for Magtheridon

Find a community deck to defeat Magtheridon in the Trial by Felfire Challenges adventure!

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