Iceblood Tower

Iceblood Tower Card Image

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Card Text

At the end of your turn, cast another spell from your deck. Lasts 3 turns.

Flavor Text

“Why is it called Iceblood Tower?”“Not really sure. Anyways, try not to lose your footing on any of the frozen bodies as you make your way in.”


  • Gobas's Avatar Unicorn Reveler 390 101 Posts Joined 06/08/2019
    Posted 3 days, 4 hours ago

    Big Spell Mage.
    Totally not sure if this would work, but it can give you 10 armor with Deepwater Evoker.

  • YourWaifu's Avatar Divine Rager 295 273 Posts Joined 07/26/2019
    Posted 1 week ago

    I dont know if it will see play even in Big Spell Mage, unless you are memeing with Rune of the Archmage.

    Its slow, you spend 10 mana to potentially do nothing on your turn, and games nowadays are not so slow to the point that wasting a turn on this wont get you killed.

    I surely might try to build a deck with it though, looks quite fun.

  • Hydrafrog's Avatar Gul'dan 1630 2858 Posts Joined 05/28/2019
    Posted 1 week, 2 days ago

    Super late game, but when you are playing anything with a mana cost 6+ you are planning on late game stuff anyway.  

  • davidwizard's Avatar 280 249 Posts Joined 05/28/2019
    Posted 1 week, 2 days ago

    Really interested by the word "another" in the card text. Does this mean that each of the three spells must have a different name? Or if I have two fireballs in my deck, can it cast Fireball 1 in the first round and Fireball 2 in the second?

    • Spacekitters's Avatar 10 1 Posts Joined 11/27/2021
      Posted 5 days, 23 hours ago

      it would say “a different” spell if they had to have unique names. Could be pretty cool


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