High Priestess Jeklik

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Her blood magic brings on spells, demons, and hurt feelings.

High Priestess Jeklik Sounds

Attack VO_TRLA_206h_Female_Troll_Attack_02

High Priestess Jeklik Emotes

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VO_TRLA_206h_Female_Troll_Player_Defeated_01 VO_TRLA_206h_Female_Troll_Player_Defeated_01

Game Start VO_TRLA_206h_Female_Troll_Start_01

Concede VO_TRLA_206h_Female_Troll_Concede_01

Greeting VO_TRLA_206h_Female_Troll_Greetings_01

Oops VO_TRLA_206h_Female_Troll_Oops_01

Sorry VO_TRLA_206h_Female_Troll_Sorry_01

Thanks VO_TRLA_206h_Female_Troll_Thanks_01

Threaten VO_TRLA_206h_Female_Troll_Threaten_03

Well Played VO_TRLA_206h_Female_Troll_Well_Played_01

Wow VO_TRLA_206h_Female_Troll_WOW_01

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