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Steward of Scrolls

Steward of Scrolls Card Image

Card Stats

Card Text

Spell Damage +1 Battlecry: Discover a spell.

Flavor Text

Oh dang it, I spilled ink elemental all over my essay!


Battlecry - Does something when you play it from your hand.

Discover - Choose one of three cards to add to your hand.

Spell Damage - Your spells deal extra damage.


  • SilverWolf's Avatar Explorer of Outland 295 366 Posts Joined 04/01/2019
    Posted 3 months ago

    Maybe it will have a future on spell damage Shaman.

    Only time will tell

  • Trimutius's Avatar 670 1209 Posts Joined 03/16/2019
    Posted 3 months ago

    Maybe you are ok discovering it, but I wouldn't hard run this.

  • Hydrafrog's Avatar Gul'dan 690 948 Posts Joined 05/28/2019
    Posted 3 months ago

    take that Ogre Magi


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