Highlander Quest Galakrond Shaman (yeah)

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This was the first deck I wanted to try because... I don't know. Turns out I've won almost all my games so far between rank 10 and 5, though the reason was probably Shaman Galakrond being strong and not my incredible deck building skills. The deck will probably end up being too greedy and worse than regular Galakrond/Quest Galakrond, but it's not refined and I'm not the best player ever, so maybe there's some hope for HQGS if I tune it or someone who's better at the game has a similar idea.

In general, the only problem is drawing Galakrond or Dragon's Pack early without invoking at least twice and bricking (I hope the adventure brings some more invokers). Maybe I went overboard with the anti aggro tools, but I found them helpful in most of the games and you generate enough value against most control decks already (shot out to the game against a warrior in which I chained three consecutive generated dragonqueens; sadly, he conceded before I could play Shudderwock). 

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