Mecha'thun Druid

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Hello everybody today we shall be making a deck with mecha'thun.

This deck is very good at cycling through itself using auctioneer, tons of cheap spells, and ramp.

There has not been one time where I failed to get to mecha'thun, and even though mecha'thun is a secondary win con, it is still a 10/10 that can easily finish your opponent. The struggle with this deck is fatiguing yourself with auctioneer and getting your hand empty after you play macha'thun. This deck is, however very consistent at winning, whether through face or (occasionally) mecha'thuns second win con. 


Thank you for reading and I hope this deck helps you have fun and climb the ranks.

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    I assume that this was supposed to be a joke deck...although it is indeed very good at cycling, good when one gets a quest to draw cards. If that happens, though, one can remove the useless Mecha'thun package (assuming that I am not mistaken that there is no easy way to kill Mecha'thun on your own).


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