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Always keep: Crystology (or hard mully for it lol), Righteous Cause, [Hearthstone Card (hot air baloon) Not Found], Sir Finley of the Sands and Sky Claw
Even [Hearthstone Card (Galavnizer) Not Found] can be fine, but only if you have at least 2 other mechs in your hand.


This deck is very versatile. It can turn from midrange to aggro pretty quickly, especially if you get a good hero power such as The Silver Hand from Sir Finley of the Sands.
Otherwise, play as an usual mech paladin: Magnetize for value trades, Don't Magnetize if you need more board presence.
In some matchup as vs Druid, you can go full smORC buffing the same minion all the times.
Because we already now he lacks of single target removals.

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