N'Zoth Dragon Galakrond Hybrid Priest (Updated for Priest Changes)

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Hello, everyone! I welcome you to my newest deck I've created, which is the one you're on - a so-called N'Zoth Dragon Galakrond Hybrid Priest. It's a pretty wacky idea and maybe an overkill to some extent, but it's a pretty decent deck to use in Wild format. I'll try to update the deck quite regularly after playing more and more of the deck.


As some cards of the deck may suggest, this deck is about controlling your opponent as much as you can. This deck mostly thrives against minion-based aggresion, as it has tons of tools to stop their onslaught through Taunts and removal. Your options are usually enough to force aggro decks to run out of gas - you may sometimes need RNGesus to bestow hope on you through Galakrond's Wit.

In late game, the deck is not that shabby either. Your deck has tools to deal with larger minions through Mass Hysteria and Galakrond himself. His Hero Power also provides infinite value, and while you may sometimes wish for healing your your previous Hero Power, it's still better on average. Just know that you may not always stand a chance against some other control decks or cards like Frost Lich Jaina.

Notable Cards

Galakrond, the Unspeakable - pretty self explanatory. He's one of your core pieces of the deck, providing you with another mass AoE and infinite value that is needed to have chance against slower decks.

N'Zoth, the Corruptor - also a very good card which your deck is built around. It lets you regain board control, especially if your opponen't doesn't have a good way to deal with it.

Chillmaw - your biggest dragon included in your base deck. Dragon package in general adds even more AoE removal and protection against aggro decks. Also has Deathrattle for afromentioned N'Zoth.

Possible Replacements

Plague of Death/Shadow Word: Ruin - possible removal you can include.

Bone Drake - can replace Sylvanas Windrunner if you prefer having one more Dragon to increase the consistency of your Dragon package. Also adds yet another minion to your hand, but be careful with your hand or else you may burn some valuable cards.

Obsidian Statue - can replace either Convincing Infiltrator or Khartut Defender if you feel a need for a larger body and more healing, and you don't mind replacing any of afromentioned cheaper cards.

Shadow Madness - mostly a tech to punish aggro decks even further or to steal Necrium Apothecary when needed. A very situational replacement card.

Murozond the Infinite - can be used to swing the game in your favor, but sadly doesn't work as much against Battlecry-heavy effects. However, it is a Dragon, and that cannot be understated in this deck.

Greater Healing Potion - solves the issue with healing, but your deck has so many valuable cards that it's not the mandatory addition. Include it if you face a lot of burst decks.

Archbishop Benedictus - helps against decks like Togwaggle Priest and other grindy decks to switch your game plan towards out-valueing your opponent.

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  • ARES's Avatar Hungry Ghost 315 199 Posts Joined 06/01/2019
    Posted 1 year, 9 months ago

    I didn't want to wait till I craft all the cards and instead made it with what I had already.. it's fun bu need the early game dragon priest cards. Wyrmrest Agent  to slow aggro and I added a Twilight Drake since my hand tends to be very full. The deck has basically no healing until turn 6 but it does work great.

    • Neoguli's Avatar Duskrider 730 419 Posts Joined 06/25/2019
      Posted 1 year, 9 months ago

      Glad to see you having nice results with my deck.

      I do agree healing is not the best aspect of this deck, which leaves it vulnerable to burst. You can tech in Greater Healing Potion if needed to gain some more sustain versus high damage combos you anticipate.

      Twilight Drake seems like an interesting addition, because you do have around 8 cards in your hand most of the time. I do wonder what can be replaced for it tho. I'd say not much.

      Btw, I do run Wyrmrest Agent in my base deck, so you didn't have to worry if you thought you included that card just because you didn't craft other cards.

  • LightBrain's Avatar 110 10 Posts Joined 05/28/2019
    Posted 1 year, 9 months ago

    No Fateweaver? It is a great Galakrond value card and it is a dragon itself.

    • Neoguli's Avatar Duskrider 730 419 Posts Joined 06/25/2019
      Posted 1 year, 9 months ago

      I feel like this deck doesn't benefit from cost reduction, although it sometimes feels good to have. Also, not sure what cards FateweaverBADCARDNAME could replace. I'm better off getting Kronx imo. 

      Getting Fateweaver also probably narrows down my hybrid deck to one direction - either Dragons or Deathrattles.


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