Secretly Good Ramp Coin Highlander Dragon Druid

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Before I start this guide, let me give you my background. I did not reach legend with this deck. I have never reached legend. I have 90% of all playable standard cards and probably can reach legend. Grinding to legend is just not my thing, I find that I enjoy the game better by experimenting on different decks (I like playing off meta decks a lot). I consistently reach Rank 5 every season. I usually farm gold from rank 6-10, (I usually, intentionally don't rank up to 5 until the end of the season). If you think this deck isn't good because it didn't reach legend, I urge you to keep an open mind and give it a try. 



I was browsing hsreplay meta decks last week and found that Druid Highlander and Druid Dragon decks are in very low tiers. I checked out the most popular and highest performing decks. I found them ridiculously suboptimal. I believe that this deck that I made might be near optimal.



Always keep all cards that costs below 5 Mana. 

Throw away everything else.

If you have the Coin, keep Elise the Starseeker. 

If you have Elise Starseeker and the Coin, make sure that your hand has low costs cards as much as possible. You want to drop her on turn 5.

Zephrys can be thrown away. There are better early game plays.  



I would advise you to keep these for the mid-late. These cards are the secret sauce to this deck. (You can also have two 'Coins' by using Elise)

The best use of these cards are Turn 7 Alexstrasza(This is more likely to happen than you think). If you can manage to pull this off, this means that you have at least turn 8 to deal the damage before your opponent could even react (Full Galakrond, Plauge of Death).

You can also use these to come back from behind with early Gyrocopter, Siamat, Batterhead, Evasive Drakonid.



Acornbearer, Twilight Drake and Ferocious Howl synergize with each other and are good against Aggro Decks.

Breath of Dreams and Wild Growth can get you to Late Game real fast. If you have Zephrys, you can use him to get Wild Growth

BEEES! and Swipe are great against early game boards.

Frizz on Turn 4 is a decent play. I would advise to keep coin.



The earliest time to drop Embiggen would be turn 5 as you have a lot of cards that cost 5 or more. (Turn 4 if you have it with Frizz)

The most ideal turn 5 play would be turn 5 Elise with coin/innervate + at least 2 big minions.

Amalgam + Zilliax is pretty good. Don't force Gyrocopter + Zilliax, Gyrocopter is a good enough as a second Faceless Corruptor.



Barista Lynchen is another secret sauce. There are a lot of great Battlecry minions in this deck. If you have an opportunity to get at least two Battlecry minions, take it. You'd be surprised how likely it is to get another Alex.



Barista Lynchen + Elise Starseeker is an unlimited value engine. Remember this if Quest Ressurect Priest doesn't die to your pressure before turn 9. It's not a bad mid game play too.



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