BOOMHAMMER Shaman - Standard

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Who doesnt want a 22 damage Doomhammer??

so heres the list of cards and how i have used them... below the list ill outline a basic strategy.

# 2x (1) Earth Shock - for all of those pesky rogue turns.
# 2x (1) Lightning Bolt - early minion removal or that finishing touch.
# 1x (2) Ancestral Spirit - used in combination with walking fountain on turn 10 for that nasty board clear/16 life gain.
# 2x (2) Rockbiter Weapon - used with that DOOMHAMMER, or you can use it in a pinch, but youll need to kragwa it for that 22 damage hammer.
# 1x (3) Electra Stormsurge - used with double rockbiter on the doomhammer for 22 damage in one turn.
# 2x (3) Far Sight - if you hit a doomhammer or an electra with this you can equip the doomahmmer and electra double rockbiter in the same turn.
# 1x (3) Feral Spirit - sometimes you need to shut down early aggression when you havent drawn your removal.
# 1x (3) Lava Burst - removal/finisher.
# 2x (3) Lightning Storm - gotta have it.
# 2x (4) Gnomish Inventor - drawing towards your combo... 4 health nice for trading.
# 2x (4) Hex - for those pesky giants.
# 1x (4) Witchwood Piper - draws electra every time unless you have her, then it draws gnomish.... so you can just keep drawing.
# 2x (5) Doomhammer - just that nasty hammer.
# 2x (5) Hagatha's Scheme - gotta have it.
# 1x (5) Platebreaker - the only way you can beat warrior.
# 1x (6) Krag'wa, the Frog - works beautifully.... i often use it to earthquake, kragwa the turn after, then get another earthquake. earthquake is sick.
# 2x (7) Earthquake - gottttttta have it.
# 1x (7) Siamat - mostly divine shield rush. but if they drop a big removal you can divine shield windfury... they dont deal with it... game over.
# 2x (8) Walking Fountain - your only heal. use it with ancestral spirit for those pro turns.

so... you wanna remove all the stuff while drawing towards that doomhammer ... chip em with the doomhammer to 22 damage. accumulate electra and 2 rockbiters... electra double rockbiter that doomhammer and hit em for 22 damage. let me know when you steal some crazy wins with it.

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