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Hi everyone. Here is a newer(ish) take on an oldy favorite deck of mine, Menagerie Warden Druid (the otk variant). I used to play the deck in a deathrattle N'Zoth shell, but found that by shoehorning it into Quest Druid that it actually provided very powerful defensive tools and even midrange pressure when appropriate, plus decent cycling to boot.

Anyway, on to the combo.

The Combo:

  • Five cards are needed, excluding Thaurissan, which include Druid of the Saber, 2x Abusive Sergeants, Brann Bronzebeard, and Menagerie Warden. Three of these combo pieces need to get a tick from Thaurissan.
  • When the combo is ready and hopefully no taunts/massive armor stacks/Ice Block is in the way just drop your Saber, followed by Brann, both Sargeants tagetting the Saber, and followed up by Menagerie Warden. This takes up the full board so make sure you clear all 7 slots of course.
  • The combo does 30 damage (well 33 damage since the druid quest now gives your duplicated sabers 3 extra damage).



  • The deck is fun, memey, holds its own fairly well as a pseudo full-on Quest Druid, and it doesn't take anywhere near as long to set the combo up when compared to other OTK decks.
  • Since the combo is quite old compared to most and is way way underplayed for newer combos it is not expected and quite funny for half of your opponents to throw a "Wow!" your way.


  • The skill ceiling is high when facing classes/decks with big constant taunts (warlock's Voidcaller and priests statues) due to carefully planning how to use your rush minions and board clears to take out said taunts without flat out losing by not having enough charge Saber damage.
  • Big armor gain is also an obstacle since your burst potential is fairly low (capped out at 33 damage minimum, or 36 damage if you get lucky with Thaurissan reducing enough combo pieces and one of your small buff spells). Chip damage and pressure is important against druids & warriors.
  • As always Ice Block sucks. Its almost always an instant lose to mages without teching against it (which I don't here since I don't play the deck often enough to warrant weakening the deck for just one class, but the option is easily there).


Mulligan Guide:

Aggro/Midrange: Doomsayer, Wrath, Oasis Surger, Crystal Merchant, Power of the Wild, Ferocious Howl

Control/Combo: Nourish, Oasis Surger, Thaurissan, Crystal Merchant, Ferocious Howl


Potential Replacements:

  • Doomsayer
  • Raven Idol
  • Mark of the Loa Although this does reduce your midrange pressure after ramping up with nourish since your Oasis rushers can no longer really get more threatening than a couple of 6/6s.

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