Magic Bunny Rogue

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So here's my idea for profiting from the Pogo-Hopper buff, making it cost only 1 mana. The main idea is to abuse the synergy between Pogo-Hopper and Magic Carpet, thus being able to gain board control while building up your bunnies. Backstab, Sap, Fan of Knives and SI:7 Agent help surviving the early game, while the rest of the cards is fully dedicated to shuffle and bounce our beloved bunnies. EVIL Miscreant got in the deck because of the lackey synergy with carpet and for just having something to do if you draw badly. Don't worry if your health gets down low, one buffed bunny can easily bring you back with the help of Zilliax

The deck needs some playtesting of course and since I'm a complete rogue noob I'd be very thankful for all of your ideas to make the deck better :-)

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    Its fun :)


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