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This is deck that helped me to get to rank 5 in January 2020.

It took 54 matches from rank 14 to rank 5 with winrate 66%. This iteration of deck I played from rank 10, its current record is 31-16 (66% winrate).


Since I don't have Zilliax, neither Leeroy Jenkins I came with my own take on embiggen druid.


Explanation of some less seen card choices

Vicious Scalehide - source of healing and cheap removal after buff with Embiggen. If I had Zilliax, I probably wouldn't use this.

BEEEES!!! - great, versatile removal. Great in combination with (buffed) Faceless Corruptor.

Scaleworm - obviously strong board swing card.

Ysera, Unleashed - you really doesn't need her in the deck. Honestly, I never needed her to win and even rarely played her, but I think she's cool, so what the heck. Feel free to replace her with second Evasive Feywing, your deck will be probably better that way :-)


I used to run even Hippogryph (he performed well), but I cut him down - I needed more dragons in the deck for consistence.



Full mulligan for Embiggen and Breath of Dreams and that's all. Since you never know whether you're facing zoolock/handlock, or token druid/another embiggen druid keep it simple :-)



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