Mecha’thun Paladin

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  • Archetype OTK Paladin
  • Format Standard
  • Deck Type Ranked
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  • Crafting Cost 8000
  • Your Cost Coming Soon
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To set up the combo, we use Licensed Adventurer to get 2 coins, and Galvanizer to lower Mecha’thun to 8 mana.

the finisher then goes Mecha’thun, Coin, Wild Pyromancer, Coin, and finalllySubdue on mecha’thun

Aggro decks are very hard to beat, if they draw well you have very little chance of winning. stalling and baiting the opponent into misusing their resources is key to victory. We want to burn through our deck, and nullify their board just long enough to stay alive by resetting their minions and healing. With the aggressive mech Paladin being so prevalent in the current meta, many opponents will interact with your minions which is also good.

 Crystalsmith Kangor andAmber Watcher gives you a big ass heal. Smart opponents will try to kill you before you can draw everything so this keeps you outside of their lethal range a lot of times. But don’t be afraid to use heals before you have to, since drawing and board presence can sometimes be more important. 

Shrink Ray Is almost always going to be critical for killing your opponents tempo, preferably right after they use a lot of resources to make a big board. Opponents will answer a shrink ray with another big minion if they have one so if you can, heal a few times and let them build up a little more before you shrink it. There are times where you need to get rid of a card to make space in your hand so you don’t burn a combo piece, your board disrupting cards should be a last resort but sometimes you have no choice. 

we don’t have to close with 2Time Out! in a row as we empty our hand, burn one mid game if you need space in your hand or if you can’t deal with a strong board for one turn, if you have enough health you can end on a shrink ray into your final turn. 

there are some scenarios where the combo has to be changed. For example vs priest if they have a 1 health infiltrator you have to play both coins before pyro and then subdue on pyro so it kills the infiltrator which then kills your mechathun. Things can be kind of tricky toward the end so be smart, think ahead and predict what turns you’re going to need to shrink and time out. 




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