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 So it seems like there was a few cards in this new expansion trying to push Spell Druid, so I just threw together this list. There are only 8 minions in the deck but there are ways to generate minions in hand with Crystalsong Portal or Worthy Expedition. There are also ways to put minions on board with Force of Nature, [Hearthstone Card (

The Forest's Aid

) Not Found], Rising Winds, or Glowfly Swarm. There are also a few ramp cards and draw cards to get through your deck to benefit from a Ysera, Unleashed in the late game and generate minions on board for the next few turns. I also added Ysiel Windsinger because she looks to be a powerful tool in a spell heavy deck. She could potentially combo with Nourish to get a lot of value in one turn or draw a few dream portals if Ysera was played before

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