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Priest is an aggro class guys, stop laughing guys, I'm being serious.


So why are Murlocs in Priest?

There actually has been a viable Murloc Priest deck in the past - refer to Trump's video here:

The idea behind that deck was to build an early board and snowball with cards like Murloc Tidecaller, Shadow Ascendant and various buff cards. Although we no longer have many of those cards, the Priest classic revamp has given Priest two powerful early game tools: Kul Tiran Chaplain and Temple Enforcer. These two cards have natural synergy with Inner Fire, which also has synergy with Coldlight Seer

Murloc Package:

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2x Murloc Tidecaller

2x Murmy

2x Toxfin

2x Fishflinger

2x Murloc Tidehunter

2x Coldlight Seer

2x Murloc Warleader

2x Felfin Navigator

Murlocs need other murlocs, so we run lots of Murlocs. There's not much thought put into this package, since these are basically all the standard Murlocs, with the obvious exception of the Dragon-synergy Murlocs.

High Health Package:

2x Inner Fire

2x Kul Tiran Chaplain

2x Neferset Ritualist

2x Dark Prophecy

2x Power Infusion

2x Defender of Argus

2x Temple Enforcer

This package really allows our Murlocs to stick on board, and provide natural synergy with our hero power, allowing us to keep our board alive against things like Explosive Trap and Consecration. Kul Tiran Chaplain and Temple Enforcer are obvious standouts, but Dark Prophecy and Power Infusion have proven to be powerful in their own right.

Our main payoffs are Inner Fire and Neferset Ritualist. Inner Fire for burst damage, Neferset Ritualist for increased sticking. Play to these two cards - stack buffs often on one minion, and rely on Coldlight Seer to protect the rest. Landing a huge [Hearthstone Card (Neferst Ritualist) Not Found] is massive against other board based strategies allowing for tons of value trading.

Defender of Argus is here if you really like positioning. Really makes you feel smart when it works, but it's honestly trash.



Overall, the most important bit about this deck is the novelty. It's not particularly good. Last season I went 4-4 at Rank 12, which is not anything to write home about, but if you're looking to meme a bit and you want to try some of the new Priest cards out, this is a pretty fun list to play

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