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its all legendary take your pick 


As this being an all legendary deck only two things matter tempo and death rattles for the quest. The best death rattle synergy around these two cards Feugen and Stalagg. ive put cards in the deck such as Spiritsinger Umbra and Da Undatakah so thy can trigger/copy the effects of these two cards, (hopefully) there are other death rattles in the deck like Dr. Boom's boom bots and of couse cards like Sylvanas Windrunner all for the quest. 


it also has the Reno Jackson "package" with all "if you deck has no dups" for very simple reasons 


hopefully you can use Stalagg and Feugen with the help of some death rattle support cards like Spiritsinger Umbra, Da Undatakah and N'Zoth, the Corruptor


have fun with this deck you whales <3

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