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Deck used to reach legend in Wild after Ashes of Outlands nerfs (April 2020, 12th).

It's a budget version without Aluneth. I run Jeeves as an obvious "draw me some cards" substitute, the rival will usually kill him anyways to prevent you from drawing, so it will almost always give you card advantage, even if it only leaves 1-2 turns. It's way cheaper in mana than Aluneth, and acts as a meat shield for 4.


  • Try to keep always your free secret activators
  • Minions: apart from the free secret activators, Mad Scientist and the Arcanologist are also nice options.

Thoughts on the list

  • At some points I found myself yearning for my Ice Block and thought of taking out Jeeves for a second copy (which sometimes could give me an extra turn). I didnt make it in the end, but I'm still thinking of it. Only for testing, because I'm overall quite happy with Jeeves, and It definitely won me several matchups with its draw.

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