Galakrond’s Scoundrels

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Greetings, fellow humans! This deck is not mine, I actually saw NoHandsGamer playing it, and he just loaded it off HSReplay, so not sure who the creator is (if you know, please tell me!)

I tried some games with it last night, and it plays very smoothly. You can really go the distance with the value game. It's also nice to try a Priest deck that doesn't rely on resurrect mechanics. Some of the inclusions that intrigued me: 

Mo'arg Artificer is such a powerful and overlooked card. I've seen it being slotted into Galakrond Warlock but this is the first Priest deck I've seen with it. Being able to combo with Holy Nova gives you a Flamestrike with healing for 6 mana. And you can Penance down bigger dudes as well.

Vulpera Scoundrel gets included in a lot of Highlander lists but I've rarely seen a deck run a pair of these. Just a nice way to pick up some extra spells to adjust to your current matchup. You obviously get a lot of minion value through Galakrond, but grabbing extra spells through this card and Renew is super helpful.

Thoughtsteal really scratches my itch for some thief archetypes. You can snag some gems here, and also get some insight into what to expect from your opponent's deck. 

Shadow Madness to steal someone's Deathrattle Prime card and kill it off is so delicious. I'll foolishly go out of my way to make this happen, just to do it. Outside of that, you can get out of jams versus Demon Hunter and other aggro matchups too.

The rest of the list is pretty self explanatory. I think most people realize the power of Soul Mirror by now, and getting multiple copies of that can be devastating - through Vulpera Scoundrel, Renew, or picking up a Sethekk Veilweaver from Galakrond.

Anyway, cheers dudes, have fun! 

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