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For years, I’ve been trying to make odd druid work.  On paper, it sounds like a good idea- your hero power becomes Claw, or, more pessimistically, [Hearthstone Card (Armor Up) Not Found] with the option to hit stuff.  But I’ve never been able to make anything viable while focusing on the attack aspect.  But now, I’ve found the solution- don’t just attac.  Protec.

The introduction of Imprisoned Satyr represents a major advancement- it’s an odd druid card that you can play early to receive a sizeable cost reduction, on a card you choose (more or less).  This is the basis of this deck- the only minions are the satyr itself, Linecracker, and, unfortunately, Baku (as a necessity for the odds).  Manage your hand so that the 5-mana reduction hits Linecracker, and so you can use Overflow to draw into your combo pieces, and gain 2000 armor.  

The Satyr is surprisingly reliable, and may be an alternative in non-odd 2000 armor decks too.  Way better than having to hold on to Thaurissan because you’re not done with your hand yet.  And like I said, the extra utility of the upgraded hero power is nothing to shake a stick at- especially against demon hunter, where Spirit of the Raptor is a good secondary draw engine.

I didn’t include Gloom Stag because I wanted 200 dust instead after it was HoF’d.  But you can choose to include it instead of Worthy Expedition.  Just don’t go overboard adding minions so as to avoid whiffing your Satyr.

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    Posted 2 years, 3 months ago

    Yo this deck good?

    • CapnMunch's Avatar 140 19 Posts Joined 08/06/2019
      Posted 2 weeks, 6 days ago

      Certainly not since the Earthen Scales nerf (which I guess happened?


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