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Something I was toying around with since the rotation and recent nerfs hit.  I'm a die hard Warlock player and enjoy just playing decks that are fun.

With that being said, this is a fun little semi-budget Zoo-lock build I've been playing around at the Diamond levels.  The mentality of the deck is, you guess it, aggro.  Run fast and hard.  

The deck can survive and still produce against life gaining decks even without finding Dark Pharaoh Tekahn or Grand Lackey Erkh.  Although to be honest when you drop Tekahn relatively early, it helps with the synergy with Magic Carpet and 4/4 1 drops that turn into 5/4 rush with a battlecry.

Probably the best use I have seen with Expired Merchant and Nightshade Matron is Hand of Gul'dan.  The first few games I played, I was lucky enough to start out with an Expired Merchant and a Hand of Gul'dan.  Second turn rolled around and I was able to fill up my hand.  After the merchant died, I drew into the Nightshade Matron for the full lolicaust of drawing without having to worry about life tap.

I put in Grand Lackey Erkh because he is able to refill your board after a wipe as long as you have a single lackey in your hand. On turn 9 a priest dropped the Plague of Death and I had Grand Lackey Erkh and a Sinister Deal in hand was able to fill up again... he conceded before I finished my turn.  

There are always going to be times when things don't work... that's life.  I was trying to think of a way to push Frenzied Felwing into the deck since you can just hit your opponent for 3 and then it will trigger with Magic Carpet and be instantly more scary than before.  I also tried to play around with Chef Nomi and Archivist Elysiana for games that I found myself at the end of my rope.  But more often than not they ended up being dead cards in my hand when I was holding onto a Hand of Gul'dan and an Expired Merchant or Nightshade Matron.  

Have fun!!

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