Shadow Council

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I like to make my own decks. Sometimes they're even good.


This is not one of those times.


I wanted to explore the possibilities of Shadow Council, but the issue with the card is it completely removes your hand, disrupting any gameplan you may have. So I created a deck where the gameplan is to add a massive amount of random cards to your hand, and then play Shadow Council. On the rare occasion this works, it's amazing. I'm trying to get into the habit of writing guides for decks, rather than post a random list of cards on here every now and then, so here goes.

The Gameplan:

Step 1 - Don't Die.

This is achieved through board clears, running Dark Skies, Hellfire, and Defile, which can be a beast given you should nearly always have a 1 and 2 health minion in hand. We've also go Mistress of Mixtures for some healing.

Still alive? Good.

Step 2 - Collect the Trash.

Ravencaller, Infested Goblin, Fire Fly, EVIL Genius, Twisted Knowledge and Banana Buffoon all do one thing. They increase the size of your hand. Admittedly, Flame Elementals, Scarabs, Bananas and random 1 cost minions aren't particulary useful, but lackeys are good, and you might even discover a good card from Twisted Knowledge.

Step 3 - Shadow Council it up.

Now our hand is full of trash, we turn that trash into overstatted demons, which will probably kill us with Battlecries or discard out carefully grown hand before they can do anything. Remember to try and play Scrap Imp in advance, to get the extra +2/+2, which can make even the worst demon a threat. Except Howlfiend.


I did say this deck wasn't good.

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    Posted 1 year, 9 months ago

    Don't have Valdris Felgorgeand Arch-Villain Rafaam , I substituted them for Mortal Coil (to have more draw) and Bloodreaver Gul'dan (why not).

    Do you have any suggestions on more cards that can be added?

    PS: Can you also delete your other Shadow Council deck? It's exactly the same as this one but with no guide. Thanks!


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