Dragon Tempo Shaman (with Mulligan guide and Budget replacements)

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This shaman deck uses overload, dragons, lackeys and spell synergy to gain an early tempo lead, and allows you to finish off your opponent with juiced up spells. Your opponents will never expect this list, until they get bursted down by a huge Squallhunter + Lightning Bolt + Lightning Bolt combo.


Since it's a tempo-oriented deck, the most important part is to have a strong start. That's why you want to have either of these in the opening hand:

Blazing Battlemage

Sludge Slurper

Surging Tempest

If you have these in your hand, try searching for some of the following:

EVIL Totem

Faerie Dragon

Serpentshrine Portal

These will cement your early-game hold on the board and help you transition into your strong midgame, after which you can burst down your opponent's. You want to make a definite board swing your way on turn 3 with Serpentshrine Portal, Lightning Breath or Scalerider, so you want a strong board by that turn so you can snowball and hopefully play Squallhunter on 4.

Card substitutions

This is a very cheap deck, with only 1 legendary and 1 epic. While these two cards are preferable, they are not essential for the deck to work. I would replace them with the following cards:

If you don't have Bloodmage Thalnos, but you have 2 Cumulo-Maximus, I would put in a 2nd one. If you don't own Cumulo-Maximus either, put in 2 Imprisoned Vilefiend.

If instead you want to make the deck more expensive, you can replace either Big Ol' Whelp or Evasive Feywing with a 2nd Cumulo-Maximus and Nithogg or Bandersmosh.

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