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This is a fun aggro deck that uses a mix of new and old Stealth cards combined with pirate support. The deck's MVP is without a doubt One-eyed Cheat, which can hit hard for 2 or 3 turns most times. Both Patches the Pirate and Parachute Brigand allow him to gain Stealth on his own, greatly increasing the power level of the card compared to when it was initially released back in GvG.

I'd say Shadowstep is another key card that this list benefits greatly from, because it synergizes with almost all other cards in your deck. It allows you to re-Stealth a minion after attacking (even One-eyed Cheat by shadowstepping another pirate), lets you trigger the battlecries of Ashtongue Slayer, Greyheart Sage and Shadow Sensei additional times, and allows you to go face twice with Southsea Deckhand and Leeroy Jenkins. Oh, and you can also use it to trigger Ship's Cannon.

Finally, Sap and Eviscerate both help you close out the game. If Cold Blood still costed 1 mana, I'd have used it instead of Eviscerate, but as it is, the guaranteed damage seems more valuable than a potential 2-turn-swing.

I haven't played the deck too much, so I don't know how well it truly performs, but I imagine it's heavily meta dependent. Against control decks with high amounts of AOE and healing you don't have much of a chance, so use it if you're not seeing many of those kinds of decks.

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