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Legendary Reno DK Mage

Last updated 3 weeks, 4 days ago
  • Archetype Reno Mage
  • Format Wild
  • Deck Type Ranked
  • Views 9437
  • Crafting Cost 24100
  • Your Cost 24100
FirePaladinHS's Avatar Registered User 11

Scholomace Academy guide and deck update is online

I strongly recommend you to read the guide before playing the deck. This deck is hard to pilot and not everyone can play it properly. In right hands this deck is unstopabble.

My list that I made is aimed to have success against anything but you can definitely improve some matchups by switiching cards. Remember to adapt the list to your local meta and if you have any further questions, ask me here in the comments under the deck. My build is aimed to be the most reactive proactive build out there. If you want any clarification how much this deck is approved by players. Check out the old thread from Hearthpwn before i moved to


Last update

30.08.2020 Reno Mage teaches the meta decks some manners: So the Scholomance expansion is here,new cards are available and it is time to put them in the deck right? Well... The truth is. I won't. Don't feel betrayed,don't cry. It's all good. I just feel like for the gameplan of the deck to be successfull Control Swiss-Army-Knife they don't do much. They just won't improve your abbility to defeat Kingsbane Rogue,then obliterate the Mechathunlock in other game just to finish with a defeated Reno Priest who couldn't whistand multiple Dirty Rat pulls. That doesn't mean I did not experimented with the new cards. So if your hands are itching to try them out here are few thoughts about them:

All the Scholmance Mage legendaries: Non-synergetic, worth trying out for fun but they just not contribute anything remotely powerfull to the deck. Therefore they are really not worth to play unless you want to play for the sake of playing with new cards.

Deck manipulation drawing effects presented in form of Sphere of Sapience and Lorekeeper Polkelt are quite interesting and worth exploring. Which i did. While Sphere of Sapience didn't felt bad it also felt like it contributed much honestly. Because of our massive card draw engine(the deck draws 8 cards where 6 draws are tutor,and 2 is draw+potential mana cheat aka Jepetto) it just didn't make the effect that relevant to run. I do think tough that it can easily replace Starscryer and you will find out that it didn't actually improved nor disturbed the decks powerlevel and potential. It is fairly interesting mechanic worth checking out. Now with Lorekeeper Polkelt its a little bit different story. While it sees the play in Reno Priest decks,Turtle Mage and Galaxy Turtle Mage, it is because of the fact that those decks either capitalize easily on it's effect or he enables their core wincondition which he's not doing in this deck at all. Your survavability to lategame comes from cheap boarclearing effects and boardclear comboes,Secrets and Reno which need to be cycled naturally and not rearranged and then drawn after you drew all your high cost cards. And in late game your survivalbility relies on DK Jaina and ton of unfair battlecry shennanigans,boardclears trough Highlander cards etc. And while it is surely nice to have Jaina drawn for sure you just don't improve anything most of the time. against Combo you need Potion of Polymorph and Dirty Rat which are low cost cards, against Aggro you want freeze effects and cheap clears and ooze,against likes of Big Shaman and Darkglarelock you need aoe and removal which is once again not high costed and won;t appear after several turns in rearranged deck by Polkelt,and pure Control is almost dead to justify running him just so you can hit early DK Jaina. If you want to try those cards you also need to remember 1 huge think: people are teching quite a lot these days not only because of Kingsbane, but also because of Reno Priest which basically makes those cards pretty unreliable in a long run.

Potion of Illusionand Devolving Missilesare interesting cards to try, but they are not worth to be included in the deck: While Pottion has nice effect comparable to Barista,it gets discarded from Book of Specters, and while Devolving missiles are 3 mana cheaper than Polymotph,they are RNG heavy which is not good for the deck powerlevel.

The Amazing Reno :The best bordclear in the game without a doubt. Doesnt trigger deathrattle effects and doesnt add destroyed minions to the graveyard. If you feel lie you don't have enough boardclears and you feel like you are lucky guy, run him. I refuse to put him in my official version after he casted Cataclysm 3 times in the same day. I guess I'm not skillfull enough to have good RNG xD


Astromancer Solarian is indeed an interesting card worth considering. Especially when your Evocation is discarded from Book of Specters every 2nd game. It has synergy with Brann,Barista. It has nice "RNGesus take the wheel and save me" potential. I do not run it in this deck thought because I feel like it is less consistent in vertisallity compared to Evocation. Not only because of mana cost but because the Wild Mage spell pool is constantly expanding,maing thd card less consistent which I dont really like. That being said that doesn't mean that it is a bad pick in the deck. If you are a lucky player definitelly put it instead of Evocation.

Statisctics below are made in late April,showing the decks winrate in legend ranks troughout 2 days.

 Deck preview

This is somehow OG build of the KOTFT Reno Mage which is still updated up to this day. The approach is a Reactive Proacctive shell which means that deck executes both controling strategies and both pressuring strategies. In what deck stands out compared to other Reno varriants here is decks flexibility.  Singleton Legendaries like Zephrys and Kazakus are amazingly flexible cards while both Reno Jacksons are giving you survavibility in a various matchups.


  • Aggro+Midrange:

The goal is to drag them to the late game,where they are going to run out of resources and going to be outcontroled

So Mulligan for: Mad Scientist,DoomsayerArcanologist , Explosive Sheep,Depth Charge,Kazakus(Potion for 1 or 5) or Zephrys the Great

  • Control:

Here we can afford a little bit slower start

Mad Scientist,Doomsayer,Vulpera Scoundrel,Polymorph, Zephrys the Great, even Frost Lich Jaina for turn 9

  • Combo:

All cards that will get you closer to your Reno,removals and Iceblock so they wont OTK you or make an Insane board. Dirty Rat, Potion of Polymorph are your cards to date. 

Comboes of the deck:

  1. Brann Bronzebeard+Kazakus+Baleful Banker
  2. Ragnaros the Firelord after Frost Lich Jaina is also Ragnaros, Lightlord
  3. Icy Touch activators are not only enemy minions but also yours.
  4. Brann Bronzebeard+Baleful Banker on Brann+ Zola the Gorgon on Banker+ Baleful Banker on Banker allows your deck to go infinite if the matchup demands it.
  5. Barista Lynchen battlecry shennanigans

The decks win conditions:

  1. Proactive Control: Removing the opponents stuff. Pressuring with your own. Creating board after board and pressure after pressure in order to destroy your opponent. This usually happens in the matchups like Jade Druid and overall Reno mirrors
  2. Disrupt the win condition: Involves minions like Dirty Rat and battlecry shennanigans of Brann,Barista and Zola. This applies mainly against strategies like Mechathunlock,Togwaggle Druid,variations of Amara Combo Priest etc
  3. Exhaust your opponent aka OG Control: This applies in few different ways. Against Aggro vs Control your wincondition is to exhaust your opponent out of resources and survive his aggresive strategy. That includes matchups like Pirate Warrior,Secret Mage or Mech Paladin. Another type of exhaustion is Reactive Control vs You. That involves you going infinite before hitting the fatique in order to gain the edge over opponent. A typical example is Odd Warrior matchup. Now the final type of exhaustion strategy is matchup against Highroll decks like DH Warlock,Big Priest or Big Rogue where they have limited value but explosive tempo plays so you need to survive until the certain point where they will run out of gas
  4. The hybrid strategies of 1,2,3: That means your combine your ways of win conditions in order to be succesful. for example the combination of 1&2 is used against decks like OTK Reno Priest,Cubelock or Waygate Reno Mage.1&3 is used against decks like Odd Rogue,Even Shaman or Galakrond Warrior and so on and on


Priest: Most common: Big, Inner Fire in some Shell(Dragon,Deathlord one),Reno Priest,

Big Priest: As it stands for now Reno Mage is superiour in lategame and value engines in this matchup. Also we are looking here obviously for polymorphing his threats so they appear in his ressurect options. The best Polymorph targets are value generating cards like Archmage Vargoth, Catrina Muerte. The Lich King and Ragnaros the Firelord

Inner Fire/Topsy Turvy Priest:  Destroy any minion he plays. Combo disruptions like Rat and Potion of Polymorph are valuable. Eventually the Priest gets exhausted and is no more threatening.

Reno Priest: As any Kabal Reno deck, this deck is quite threatening for you. Equip the ice Block asap and save Reno + removal after his combo goes of. Of course the combo disruptions are valuable here as well.

Dragon Mindblast Priest: Iceblock is your bigesst friend here. This Priest deck acts like a Control one with Combo wincondtion but that is not well executed against the deck with Iceblock and Reno.

Warlock: Most common:Cubelock,Renolock,Zoolock,Evenlock,Mechathunlock,TDH Warlock,Treacherylock


Renolock:  This game will definitelly go to fatique and you will need to adapt your gameplay. He also have Hand and Deck disrupting things so adapt your gameplan to it. While this matchup involves RNG as any other matchup, the skill level of both Reno players matters a lot.

Cubelock:  Cubelock is an explosive Control-Combo deck. Drag him to the late game and make sure that his Guldan will summon only Voidwalkers. Polymorph cards are amazing in this matchup, as well as Reno and your threats like Barista and Ragnaros.

Zoolock and Discardlock: Extremely scary in early and midgame. Weak in late game. So make sure you drag him there thanks to boardclears and minions. Then apply pressure and win.

Evenlock: This deck has some oldschool Handlock vibe to it. Manage your removals right and you should exhaust him pretty succesfully. Potion of Polymorph is often played on turn 3 or 4 to prevent early Mountain Giant.

Mechathunlock: Your combo disruption tools are there to help you win the game. 

TDH Warlock: Pure coinflip of a matchup because of your opponent win condition. Treat it as Control vs Control matchup and hope they wont highroll you.

Treacherylock: Hardly counterable. Your only hope is to somehow set up Potion of Polymorph or Rat his Fel Reaver. However theres not a lot of ways how to disrupt his gameplan properly  for a Control deck.

Druid: Most common: AvianaKun combo Druids,Aggro/Token, Jade Druid, Hadronox Druid,Big Druid,Linecracker Druid

AvianaKun Combo Druids: Your wincondition in this matchup, is disrupt his combo. Regardless the Druid combo,this can be archieved trough Brann+Dirty Rat, Potion of Polymorph landing on Aviana. Current combo versions that are known are these ( TogAzalina,Malygos, Ragnaros OTK)

Aggro/Token: Exhausting him with your AOE spells and Reno is the key to win. Approach this matchups as you would approach the Zoolock one. Exhausting this deck is the key to win and you have the abbility to do that thanks to AOE effects and Highlander cards.

Jade Druid: Druid decks really really do not like the pressure. Apply it and you should come out as a winner. If you dont feel like it tech in Skulking Geist. Then do what you have to do to stay alive and then Skulking Geist his wincondition. 

Hadronox Druid: The crucial thing is searching for multiple boardclears thanks to Zephrys and Kazakus. In Kazakus you are searching for 10 mana spells and especially the ones that are Polymorphing the board and are summoning some threats. Also the key cards are Polymorph and Potion of Polymorph which will make a Sheep which is a beast and which will be added into poll of Witching Hour. 

Big Druid: Might do some highrolly turns but with well managed removal tools and your Battlecry shennanigans you should come out of this matchup as a winner.

Linecracker Druid: Fish for Rat or you have no chance of winning at all. Potion of Polymorph is also consiredable but it has even more rng to it than Rat.

Mage: Most common: Aluneth Tempo Mage, Exodia varriations, Reno Mage, Odd Mage, Miracle Quest Mage

Miracle Quest Mage: Have you missed the good'ol days when you just didnt knew what to play around because Tempo Mage played Cabalists Tomes and Yogg? Fear not my friend. Even more of that have brough us the Mana Cyclone which allowed Mage to build a Miracle like deck with Flamewakers and Sorcerers Apprentices. Your strategy is being above 20 health while having Ice Block equipped. After they will have their power turns, you will come back into the game thanks to Reno. Potion of Polymporh is good sometimes. Dirty Rat is good to pull out the Giants and Vargoth. Keep n mind though that the matchup is really tough and we are hardly unfavoured

AlunethTempo Mage: This matchup is 50/50. The key is to play around his secrets as much as possible possible and just exhausting him trough your healing options. Renoes and Zolas and Zephryses and all the other powerfull stuff is good enough to give you the edge in this matchup. 

Exodia varriations:  Dirty Rat and Potion of Polymorph are here to help you. Set up them correctly and you will win.

Reno Mage: All depends on how well you pilot this build and how well your opponent pilots his build. You should be slightly more favourable because of more pressure and interaction with your opponent compared to usual value builds. If you face the Reno Quest Mage opponent multiple Rat disruption is the main key to win.

Odd Mage: New archetype formed in Rastakhan (in terms of success). Play this matchup similarly like against Control Mage or Reno Mage, it usually doesnt have enough good late game cards to keep up with our late game stage.

Rogue: Most common: Kingsbane Miracle,Mill, Tempo/Odd,Big Rogue, Thief Rogue, Galakrond Rogue

Kingsbane Miracle: No explanation needed. Just do what control deck have to do.

Mill Rogue: 99,999999% unwinabble. We are Control deck, control decks sucks against Mill RogueThere is a slight chance where you can Dirty Rat his first Colglight, Potion of Polymorph second one but thats unlikely to happen.

Tempo/Odd: No matter what varriation (Keleseth or Baku one) just clear their board and drag them to the late game where this deck is superior. However dont be to cocky and dont let your guard down. Odd Rogue is able to pull out a good amount of value and this statement is even stronger if they run Brann. While the deck certainly is strong. Your late game with Frostlich Jaina will most likely still be far more superiour.

Big Rogue: Strongest Big deck in the game as it stands right now for DoD meta. Make sure to Potion of Polymorph him in early game. Drag him to late game and start clearing his board over and over again with Kazakus 10 mana Polymorph potions or Zephryses. This deck can run out of resources quickly especially if they are overcomitting. Or push for lethal with Zephrys and Savage Roar shennanigans

Thief Rogue: It is kinda like Tempo Rogue but stronger against Control thanks to Tess. Just make sure to get some value out of your cards and you shloud come out of this as a winner.

Galakrond Rogue: There are few comboes and builds floating around. All what they have in common is that they are vulnerable to Dirty Rat. So disruption shennanigans and Ice Block are pretty good strategy if you want to win

Warrior: Most common: Pirate, DMH Warrior, Quest Warrior, Bomb Warrior,Odd Warrior,Galakrond Warrior

Pirate: A classical Control vs Aggro matchup. Exhaust them. Be careful though because they are really explosive in early game.

DMH Warrior: Now thats actually a winnable Mill matchup BUT doent get your hopes that high. If the DMH is piloted by a skilled player your chances of winning are close to zero. Its not the fault of your piloting. More of a fact that Mill decks are preying on other slower decks.

Quest Ragnaros Warrior:The weakest spot of the deck is its unabilitty to Armor Up after the Sulfuras is played. Make sure you have some minions on the board and just start pushing face damage.

Bomb Warrior: Not so powerfull deck is quite powerfull against Reno decks because of bomb shuffling mechanic. The key here is to play Frostlich Jaina, then heal trough Elementals and then overwhelm the Warrior with far more superior late game. And also dodge all the bombs in your deck which is hard really hard.

Odd Warrior: One of the only succesfull reactive control deck left on the Wild ladder. However we are reactive-proactive control deck and if we go full greedy with our comboes mentioned above, Warrior stands no chance at all.

Galakrond Warrior: A slower version of Pirate Warrior with longer potential making it one of the strongest Midrange decks right now. The most common wncondition is exhaustion of your opponent

Paladin: Most common: Anyfin,Control Exodia, Mech Buffadin, Call to Arms varriations, Odd Dude Paladin,Odd Mech Paladin

Anyfin: Your goal is to survive 2 Anyfin Can Happen. Polymorphing his Murclos really hburts him a lot.

Control Exodia: Kill him, kill him before he plays the combo. In Wild with access to Emperor Thaurissan he don't need to run Burgly Bully . Skulking Geist is your MVP here. Dirty Ratting his combo pieces is game winning thing to do

Mech Buffadin: Another explosive mech deck. However, you cant go wrong if you treat it the same ways as SN1Plock aka clear their board until they are exhausted 

Call to Arms varriations: Clear his board, and again, and again, and again. You need to exhaust them. Choose your boardclears wisely, draw cards and drag him to the late game to outheal his damage with Jaina and Reno

Odd Paladin in general: Same strategy as Call to Arms varriations. Even tho its weakened it is still powerfull enough. Im seeing some lists adding greedier Mech package and Paladins legendary spell. So watch out for Quatermaster,Leeroy,Fungalmencer and pootentially Kangors Army if you see some mechs played

Hunter: Most common: Spell Hunter, Mecha Hunter, Big Beasts Hunter, Reno Hunter

Spell Hunter: .Deathstalker Rexxar together with Zul'jin are really amazing hero cards and will ensure that this matchup will go into fatique. Manage your resources right and go for greedy comboes. Its a little bit longer matchup but you should come out as a winner.

Mecha Hunter: Boomsday brought a new deck for Hunter. With new Mechs in the pool Midrange Hunter have been ressurected and it is actually slaying. General strategy is to exhaust him. Our value and heals and boardclears are superior. The only thing  that he does better is Tempo Plays. Make sure to deny that with your cards and you will come out as a winner.

Big Beast Hunter:  Watch out for Cube turns and Dire Frenzys. Removing his big beasts is the key to come out of this as a winner.

Reno Hunter: Looking for a kinda longer game than against a typical Hunter. Embrace the true power and value of your deck and you should come out of this fight as a winner. Watch out for Dinotammer Brann and Zephrys since those 2 cards are enabling lethal quite consistently and well.

Shaman: Most common:  Malygos Shaman, Control Ressurect Shaman, Shudderwock Shaman, Reno Shaman, Even Shaman,Evolve Shaman

Malygos Shaman: Potion of Polymorph hitting his Emperor Thaurissan or Dirty Ratting his Malygos = win

Control Ressurect Shaman: We are far more stronger Control deck than him. Easy matchup as long as you manage your aoe resources and single target removal right.

Shudderwock Shaman: There are currently 2 versions of this deck. If we are talking about Jade version, go for Hero Jaina as soon as possible while picking up polymorph potion from Kazakus for his Shudderwock turn. If we are talking about OTK version, pressure them as hard as you can. Brann Bronzebeard+Coldlight Oracle or Dirty Rat might be game winning here.

Reno Shaman: This is the type of matchup where you will use all your powerfull comboes. Reno Shaman is extremely good against Control because it never runs out of steam thanks to  Shudderwock which might be brought back by Grumble,Baleful Banker or Zola. So simply what you are looking here for is to destroy him trough your board presence and value. Best picks for Kazakus Potions are board clears, Summonings on the board and adding some Demons to your hand. Pressuing and trying your luck with Dirty Rat is your chance to win. This is one of the matchups where you are an agressor and youre looking to finish the game fast.

Even Shaman: Even Shaman is Midrange type of deck and it should be treated that way. Drag him to the late game with clearing his board and using your Highlander legendaries. In late game your Frostlich Jaina Hero Power as well as Ragnaros are far more stronger than his late game.

Card replacements

Hex Lord Malacrass is an Odd choice but I see him being played as a replacement for some of the threats like Barista or Keysmith.

Siamat seems like good addition as well. However I don't know over what card he can be played because of his 7 mana which is quite expensive for what is he doing on average.

Echo of Medivh over Barista Lynchen

Overall you can switch some cards and adapt the list to your local meta. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me.

Why no *insert card name*  in the deck?

PyrosMad Scientist is just waaay more usefull.

Inkmaster Solia : Because she is one of the worst highlander cards and the worst Kabal one. All Kabal class legendaries are about mana cheating. And Raza or Kruul can cheat out waaay more mana with their effects than Solia can. In 90% of the cases she is nothing more thank Arcane Tyrant type of effect which is not impresive at all. Also anti synergy with Atiesh

Dragonqueen Alextrasza. Too slow of an effect for 9 mana. Does nothing against big amount of meta


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  • JusisGG's Avatar 20 2 Posts Joined 09/07/2020
    Posted 23 hours ago

    Thanks for the nice guide! Played standard to the legend for 9 seasons a row now and started to play wild ladder (EU) a few days ago. I started with your list at first but didn't get so good success with it so I made little bit changes for it and added a dragon package to it.

    - Removed Depth Charge, Explosive Sheep, Flame Ward, Barista Lynchen and Jepetto Joybuzz

    + Added Arcane Breath, Cobalt Spellkin, Malygos, Aspect of Magic, Dragonqueen Alexstrasza, Kalecgos

    I'm 7-0 now with this list and thoughts about Malygos, Aspect of Magic is that it adds more removal vs these Priests, Druids and Warlocks. Especially when played it with Brann. Also 1 mana sheep is great with Frost Lich Jaina. Anyway, I'm only at Diamond now but having a great success and decided to share my changes to you also. 

    Cobalt Spellkin most of the time gives me a great 1 mana spell like another Evocation.

    Dragonqueen Alexstrasza gives me more pressure vs control matchups and can even give me a win condition if lucky but that isn't necessarily. 

    My feels about Barista Lynchen is that usually an opponent just removes my board before I can get enough value of it and when I can get enough value of it I'm already winning that match.  Also I got tons of value already with Brann Bronzebeard + Zola the Gorgon

    • FirePaladinHS's Avatar 135 36 Posts Joined 05/31/2019
      Posted 21 hours ago

      Thanks for the feedback) I was fairly surprised about your success with your changes but your thoughts about Mage Malygos card explained it: You were encountering the slower part of the Wild meta so it allowed that much greediness. I'm glad it's working. I must warn you thought why it might eventually flop once you encounter the faster part of the Wild meta.


      1. By adding the Dragon package, you made your mana curve higher while also removing Jepetto which is able to draw expensive cards and discount them to 1 mana only.

      2.You eventually removed almost any posibility of early clear(except Doomsayer). Depth Charge is second Doomsayer,Explosive Sheep is really nice to play to slow down Aggro or fully heal you with Zilliax, and Flame Ward is really important 3rd secret and absence of it hurts both drawing consistency of Secret tutors and consistency of answering Aggro board early

      3. Jepetto Joybuzz is one of the best 8 drops in the game. Not only it draws, but it potentially mana cheats as well. 1 mana Barista,Emperor,Ragnaros,Kazakus and even Zilliax to magnetise on Explosive Sheep to be a 3 mana Reno-like effect are all pretty powerfull and neat plays which wouldn't be possible without Jepetto.

      4. Barista is strong value engine. In terms of this deck specifically she enables going infinite(if your Zola was Rated for example against DMH Warrior),she enables more Battlecry effects of cards like Dirty Rat and she's the main reason why Emperor discounts are that strong in this deck(so you can do your battlecry shennanigans and develop fairly midrangey board). Even when she copies 1 battlecry thats already strong value. Making her 1 mana thanks to Jepetto just opens insane value abbilities as well.


      The main appeal of this particular build is simple: It acts like a well-oiled machine against any matchup and you are able to always make some neat plays and choices against any matchup. It stands out in the abbility to answer everything well and thats mainly because of this specific 30 card lists. Yes,we cheat less mana than LPG Reno Mage,yes, we don't have an abbility of comboing 3 turns like Quest Reno Mage,but in terms of Control gameplan against Aggro,Midrange,Control and Combo, we are just unmatched. 


      Your changes removed that abbility. And while the Dragon package is working into slower matchups,it just makes this deck act like a LPG Reno Mage without LPG which is not that strong for the current pwerlevel of overall Wild meta. And that will be especially clear once you run into Kingsbane Rogue,Bomb Warrior or even Discolock.


      Just to be clear: I'm not critisising your changes because I hate them etc, I'm just warning your that there might be some point where that Dragon package will start to feel like a handicap instead of upside,just because how fast the meta is and at what powerlevel of Wild we are currently overall.

      • JusisGG's Avatar 20 2 Posts Joined 09/07/2020
        Posted an hour ago

        I understand your opinions and it's always better conversation when another user explains his chooses. I'll definitely give another chance to your decklist also. 

        And feel free to criticize my changes, that's fine for me and it makes a good conversation. I got all that I wanted with that post and that was your opinion about changes. 

        Btw! You should add some gameplay videos also, it would give a lot for this community to see how to use all the cards in different situations.  Maybe it could be versus few most common wild ladder decks.

        And again thanks for the awesome full guide! Really appreciate your work for that.


  • Savron's Avatar Malfurion 105 35 Posts Joined 06/10/2019
    Posted 3 days, 23 hours ago

    Dude, thanks for the list.

    It feels so refreshing and strong actually. I used to play Quest Reno Mage before the nerf then I switched to Reno Warlock. Recently I crafted the Jaina DK but I was struggling to create a strong list (I used the dragon package but as you said somewhere... it's not good enough justify its inclusion).

    I don't have Ragnaros but I have the Jan'alai, the Dragonhawk so I use it instead but I feel it very clunky most of the times. I do love the synergy with the DK and Brann but still feels like taking eternity to be activated.

    However I have the prime and I feel most of the times it turns the games in the positive (for me when I play it) direction. Do you have a replace suggestion(s)? The Starscryer perhaps?

    • FirePaladinHS's Avatar 135 36 Posts Joined 05/31/2019
      Posted 1 day, 9 hours ago

      Thanks man. Appeciate the feedback)

      I played against you today didn't I? I was completing the quest and I remember you having Solarian and Janalai but otherwise it was my list.

      Janalai is really really slow. I used to have her as well in the list but meta is just too fast nowadays for her. If you don't have Ragnaros yet,try Siamat or Cloud Prince instead of him. Both of those Elementals have some nice synergies with the deck and Cloud Prince may rival the spotof Ragnaros in overall utility(they both have strong pros and cons)

      Solarian is a good choice and you indeed swapped Starscryer for her. Both cards have their usability in the deck. In our match we could clearly see that Starscryer was more important. I found my DK Jaina way more earlier since I had more cycle and I denied your by Dirty Rating the Jepetto. However even with early Jaina the game could go way more longer, but you wasted both Zola and Barista for pressuring value instead of going infinite value. Which was crucial for my victory once we start hitting fatique, where Bankers,Baristas and Branns started their full shennanigans.


      Gg. Good luck in your next games and hopefully my rambling about card choices helped)

  • FirePaladinHS's Avatar 135 36 Posts Joined 05/31/2019
    Posted 4 days, 20 hours ago

    Forgot to post another proof of decks viability. September climb


  • Danny's Avatar Mountain 90 52 Posts Joined 05/28/2019
    Posted 3 months, 3 weeks ago

    Thank you for this list. I love long grindy games, and I have a golden DK Jaina, so I have to play this deck. So far I'm 4-0 with the deck (vs two Odd DH, Razakus Priest, and Cubelock). I hope this gets me to at least D5.

    • FirePaladinHS's Avatar 135 36 Posts Joined 05/31/2019
      Posted 1 week, 1 day ago

      Thanks for the feedback. The deck is able to not only go to D5 but also Legend quite easily ^^

  • FirePaladinHS's Avatar 135 36 Posts Joined 05/31/2019
    Posted 3 months, 3 weeks ago


    Another prove that the deck is still popping off ;)

  • MaximusX's Avatar 20 2 Posts Joined 01/05/2020
    Posted 8 months ago

    Just popping in to say thanks for the time and effort you put into this guide, so far the most complete that i saw here on outofcards.

    Will try the deck soon!

    • FirePaladinHS's Avatar 135 36 Posts Joined 05/31/2019
      Posted 7 months, 4 weeks ago

      Thank you for the kind words)

  • FirePaladinHS's Avatar 135 36 Posts Joined 05/31/2019
    Posted 8 months, 2 weeks ago

  • KANSAS's Avatar 1110 2167 Posts Joined 03/25/2019
    Posted 9 months, 1 week ago

    First off, great deck. I have played a couple of games and the deck looks super strong.

    Do you think the deck could use Duplicate? There are only about five minions that you really wouldn't want to copy, and getting two extra minions without having to use Brann Bronzebeard seems like a pretty good deal. or do you think the deck already has enough ways to get extra copies and it would just be irrelevant?

    • FirePaladinHS's Avatar 135 36 Posts Joined 05/31/2019
      Posted 9 months, 1 week ago

      Thanks for the feedback^^

      Duplicate will never make it into the cut unless the all meta switches to ultra greedy control lists. It is just not flexible enough to make it into the deck as all the other secrets are. Also the 4th secret messes up with your secret tutor cards which is unnapealing. Especially in Control v Aggro where you want to fish for Ice Block or Flame Ward at any point in the game or for Potion of Polymoprh in the Mid Game.

  • Kapu1178's Avatar 10 1 Posts Joined 12/16/2019
    Posted 9 months, 1 week ago

    Im not fully convinced with your updates this expansion. Depth Charge seems really iffy and not nearly as flexible as Volcanic Potion. 

    Polymorph’s removal generally scares me since it’s such a potent removal card and removes the largest of threats, and synergizes with Jaina.


    Vulpera I think I could be convinced but I’m still hesitant due to the number of times Keysmith won me games, and it’s generally more consistent.


    Now some theorycrafting:


    Potential dragon package? Utilizing  new Alex, new malygos, and maybe azure drake? Just a though.

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      Posted 9 months, 1 week ago

      Depth Charge being the second Doomsayer is a great update to highlander decks. By removing the Volcanic Potion it boosted up Dragons Fury to have higher damage in more cases. It proved to be great in a variety of matchups like Odd Rogue,Pirate Warrior,Secret Mage and even in Control V Control like Renolock. I stay behind this change

      I agree with the confusion about Polymorph removal. And if you feel like you need it more than Rolling Fireball feel free to remove it. I added rolling Fireball into the deck because of the fact that it acted as both single target removal in Even Shaman matchup and both as AOE in matchup like Odd Rogue. Which is great flexibility, That being said polymorphing the large Demon from Guldan or Magnetised mech abomination feels great as well. So feel free to run it

      Vulpera proved to me that she is more flexible than Keysmith,she ads unexpctancy moment, costs 1 mana less, has better stats and actually doesnt get countered by Secret Tech which I greatly appreciate. That being said I also toy around with Bad luck Albatross instead of her and that card just singlehandedly slows reno decks so much that Im actually considering adding this card to the deck. Keysmith may be strong but some Reno Mage players are abandoning her for better options Im not th only one in that regard and Element91 removed the Keysmith from his build as well

      Dragon package from 3 Dragons only wouldnt be consistently triggered. I've tried it with 5 Dragons and even then I got pretty unlucky with the draws. Activating Dragon package for new Malygos only also sounds pretty questionable. Because it may appear to you as another Kazakus or Zephrys but it is actually far more rng dependant and not all of his options are good

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    Posted 9 months, 3 weeks ago

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    Posted 1 year ago

    I use a similar deck, but use Unseen Saboteur instead of Dirty Rat.

    You have no idea how many Warlocks quit after Cataclysm, Bloodbloom or other OTK enabler spell goes off too early for their tastes, or get saved by someone's pocketed Hagatha's Scheme/Plague of Death/DOOM! cards. Actually used Brann with it one time against a Druid ... can't Malygos win if you ain't got spells.


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