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So, I got fed up with priests.  And wanted to make something both fun and bursty to really break some of the high swing decks.  Settled on trying DH, so I decided to focus on their strengths to build this deck.  High card draw, cheap spells, but big power at high spell costs, seemed like a perfect fit for Kael'Thas.  The basic idea is pretty simple, use your draw to get kael, both inner demons, and both twin slices.  That allows for a 20 damage 7 cost combo burst.  However, depending on how you end up drawing, you also can use kael for skull.  To be honest the nuts is getting a skull to discount altruis and or kael.  I have had a few games where I was able to kael + altruis, then play 10-12 more cards.  Regardless, if you can get a tiny bit of early game damage in, the OTK combo should be plenty to finish them off even without altruis.  There is also a decent bit of removal and healing with the warblades, eye beam, and soul cleave, so you can almost always survive long enough to get your full combo.  The hardest part is when the big spells clog your hand and you can't get your outcast bonuses.


As a note, I built this deck with what I had (and did not have to craft) so I would 100% put in metamorphosis in place of one of the draw pieces, most likely a loot hoarder.

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