Midrange Libram Paladin

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An earlier version of this deck was a lot greedier and used Val'anyr in place of Uther of the Ebon Blade and Immortal Prelate in place of 1 Acolyte of Pain and 1 Hand of A'dal. If you don't mind losing to any class that runs silence effects, try that version, the infinitely growing prelates could compete quite well against jade druids and n'zoth/bloodreaver warlocks. I felt that drawing prelates from crystology was harming the early game too much.


Against fast decks, try to stabilise with wild pyro, then turn the game around with molten giant + lightforged blessing or libram of hope. Zola-ing molten giants can and will win games if you need to.

The combo with Ebon Blade is to get two horsemen (make sure not to return the same one twice or it won't work) in hand, then play them and garrison commander into two hero powers for game.

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